BigSpeakSpotlight: Juliet Funt

New to the BigSpeak roster is Juliet Funt, the founder and CEO of WhiteSpace at Work. She is a productivity, time management, and employee engagement expert.

BigSpeak EVP Ken Sterling says, “Juliet is my top recommendation to clients who want comprehensive keynotes and workshops that help employees streamline their workflow, inspire creativity, and improve company morale all in one presentation.” 


Your Corporation/Organization probably needs Juliet if:

  • You work amidst an endless tidal wave of emails and pointless meetings.
  • You want to halt the busy-work that is crippling your creativity and productivity.
  • Your family thinks your face is blue because they never see you without the glow of your laptop.
  • You can’t recall what a work-free weekend feels like.


A keynote or workshop with Juliet is fast-paced, energetic, and fun (Seriously–she’s really funny! Watch the clip below)


Mark D. Robeson of Wells Fargo said of his experience with Juliet:

“What a wonderfully balanced and effective presentation! With a charismatic and approachable style, Juliet struck the perfect balance of high energy, humor and insightful, applicable content. We had a great time and were left with tools we could use on a daily basis.”


For more information about Juliet or to book her for your next keynote email us at or fill out the form below. 


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