Robyn Benincasa on Innovating Through Change

Robyn Benincasa brings her stories from a lifetime of Adventure Racing to your leadership teams to show how real champions lead the change instead of adapting to it. 

In today’s fast-paced environment, you can’t afford to follow industry trends and customer expectations— you must lead them. So how can you build a culture focused on relentlessly changing the game while creating what’s next? How can you encourage people to not only survive change but to inspire it? 

Robyn’s World Champion Adventure Racing Team—among the most prolific and consistent winners in the sport for the last 20 years. Her team consistently found a better and more efficient way through the course, used materials in a more creative and game-changing way, and built a truly world-class team that not only shared strengths but shared challenges from start to finish. 

Her stories take audiences on 60-mile, open-ocean paddles in native canoes, through rural Nepalese villages on broken-down bikes, jerry-rigging canoes in Ecuador, and jumping into white water rapids in Borneo. Through it all, Robyn and her team led the contests through innovation that changed the game. It was never about what the rule book said, and always about what it didn’t say. She translates this mentality for business alike, giving you tangible takeaways to lead your industry. 

In this exciting keynote, you will learn how the best and brightest champions consistently LEAD change versus simply reacting and responding to it.