Significant Lives Are Made from Discomfort: Molly Bloom Sheds Light

In her interview on Tom Bilyeu’s show Impact Theory, Molly Bloom reveals what drove her to do extraordinary things like Olympic mogul skiing (despite a bad back) and running the most sought-after poker game in Hollywood and New York. 

Molly was brought up in a family of high achievers. From a young age, her father taught her greatness is achieved in the dark, without glory. It felt unnatural for her to charge into a minefield of moguls and launch herself off a ski jump to twist into a trick. Nothing about it was comfortable or safe, and it just felt downright bad. Nothing about her success was innate, expect the desire to live a significant life. 

Molly said the innate desire to matter lives within all of us; it’s the comfortability with being uncomfortable that sets apart those who attempt greatness from those who never try. 

For more insights into Molly Bloom’s larger-than-life story, watch her interview on Impact Theory.

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