Spread Your Great Ideas in TEDx Talks Through the Mixing Chamber Program

What if you had a great idea that went unheard? People come up with great ideas all the time, but without proper guidance and coaching, those ideas can flounder and die before ever reaching a receptive audience.

Jonathan Bricker, a Seattle-based scientist and psychologist, was facing this problem when he came up with his innovative idea that could help people quit smoking. His technique combined technology with cutting-edge psychology to help people adopt healthier habits and give up smoking faster.

He explains how new research suggests it takes an average of 30 attempts to successfully quit smoking. What is the secret to self-control, he asks? Willingness. The willingness to have a craving and let it pass.

When Mixing Chamber® creator Andrea Driessen learned about Jonathan’s compelling approach, she invited Jonathan to be coached to present his idea in a short TEDx talk. Visibility from the talk has helped him spread the message on the power of willingness around the world. His presentation has so far garnered over 2.3 million views on YouTube and continues to catalyze interest in Jonathan’s work.

The idea has since been adapted to help millions around the world lower cancer risk, overcome obesity, reduce alcohol abuse and harness other behavioral shifts to live healthier lives.

So what idea do you and your teams have that deserves this level of curation and coaching to foster it into a broader conversation?

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