Spread Your Great Ideas in TEDx Talks Through the Mixing Chamber Program

What if you had a great idea that went unheard? People come up with great ideas all the time but without proper guidance and coaching, those ideas can flounder and die before ever reaching a receptive audience.

Jonathan Bricker, a Seattle-based scientist and psychologist, was facing this problem when he came up with his innovative idea that could help people quit smoking. His technique combined technology with cutting-edge psychology to help people adopt healthier habits and give up smoking faster.

Quitting, on average, takes about 30 attempts. However, Bricker’s techniques were twice as effective. They helped people with their self-control so when encountering a craving, they could let it pass, and be able to quit much more quickly.

But how could he share his life-saving idea with the large audience it deserved? One way would be to get professional coaching to present his idea in a short TED talk that would be seen by millions. However, to get individual speech coaching by TED, he would have to be accepted to the TED Residency program, which is very competitive.

Jonathon Bricker

Jonathon Bricker talks about self-control in his TEDx talk after being coached by the Mixing Chamber

Fortunately, there was another lower-cost solution available: the Mixing Chamber. Created by Andrea Driessen and her company No More Boring Meetings, the Mixing Chamber is a service that provides personal coaching for people and businesses with innovative ideas to be presented in a TEDx-style event.

After working with the Mixing Chamber coaches, Bricker’s idea was refined and his presentation skills were honed so he could deliver his own TEDx talk. Since then, his presentation “The Secret to Self Control” has racked up over 2.3 million views on YouTube, and continues to drive interest in Bricker’s techniques.

Now his ideas have helped millions around the world to lower cancer risk, overcome obesity, reduce alcohol abuse, and harness other behavioral shifts to live healthier lives, all because he got the coaching he needed from the Mixing Chamber.

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