3 Steps Towards Living an Asshole-Free Life

In an interview with organizational change expert, Robert Sutton, Business Insider uncovered his three steps for living an asshole-free life. Sutton is a Stanford business professor and the author of The No Asshole Rule, in which he examines how jerks impact your work and life.

Learn to identify an asshole.  The first step to eliminating assholes is learning to identify an asshole. If you know who they are, it’s easier to avoid them in the future, as well as ditch the ones that are currently bullying you. Sutton shares his methods for picking out the true assholes among the generally cranky public. You can’t mistake assertiveness and boundary-setting for assholery. He helps you make the distinction between this and many other social interactions in the full article.

Deal with the asshole. As we all know, assholes come in all shapes and sizes. No asshole is alike. So dealing with your asshole has to be specific to that person. Sutton lays out a few different methods for you to choose from in dealing with your personal kind of asshole. If he’s overwhelmingly controlling, find humor in his neurotic tendencies.

Get rid of the asshole. Sutton will help you examine your power dynamic with your asshole and explore ways to use it to your advantage. This is obviously the ideal outcome for every asshole in our lives—but Sutton says that it isn’t always possible. That’s when you have to get really good at step 2—dealing with the asshole. Read the full article about How to Deal With Assholes.