Alex Banayan

The Youngest Bestselling Business Author in American History, Author of #1 International Bestseller The Third Door, Expert on Exponential Growth and High Performance

Claudia Reuter

Leading at the Intersection of Inclusion and Innovation. Author, Executive, Board Director, Entrepreneur & Innovation Leader

Rohit Bhargava

Trend Curator; Georgetown University, Professor of Marketing and Storytelling; Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

Michael Margolis

Innovation Speaker, Storytelling Expert, Advisor to Silicon Valley

Kymberlee Weil

International Speaker, Short-Form Communications Expert, Entrepreneur, Improv Performer and Martial Arts Master

Steve Donahue

Top Change & Engagement Expert, Story Guru, Bestselling Author, Sahara Adventurer

Adam Leipzig

Film Producer, Leadership Expert, Author, CEO of Entertainment Media Partners


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