Tan Le and EMOTIV at the forefront of the ‘4th industrial revolution’

Tan Le, an exclusive speaker with BigSpeak, is the founder and CEO of  EMOTIV, a bioinformatics company that creates mobile headsets and software which monitor and assesses cognitive performance. EMOTIV technologies can actually be used to control other devices and even vehicles using brain activity by translating thoughts into actions. She has recently been featured in an article by CIO Australia that discusses her revolutionary work with EMOTIV.

Tan’s work is so groundbreaking that “she told the CIO Forum in Sydney that her organization stands at the front lines of the battle to make the ‘4th industrial revolution’ a reality.”

“Le identified three key ingredients that have been central to EMOTIV’s success since its inception in 2003: clarity of vision; adaptation and persistence over a long period of time; and courage and conviction in the face of uncertainty.”

As a refugee from communist-ruled Vietnam at the age of four with her mother and siblings, Tan’s personal story is also very inspiring. She sites the resilience and determined spirit of her mother as her role model for how to succeed and develop a new way of existing in a world where the future is uncertain.

To read more about Tan Le and her recent talk at the CIO Forum in Sydney see “‘3 pounds of potential’: How EMOTIV’s Technology Unleashes the Brains Power” by Byron Connolly.

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