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Craig Sherman Craig Sherman

Craig Sherman

Vice President & Strategic Account Advisor

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Craig Sherman joined BigSpeak in February of 2017 as Vice President and Strategic Account Advisor after 11 years working with another agency in Boston.  Over the years, Craig’s favorite part of being an agent has been seeing many of his professional relationships evolve into friendships in which both parties know they can count on enjoying a conversation and catching up, rather than feeling like it’s a merely a ‘sales call’.  Craig built a reputation for coming up with creative solutions for his clients’ needs and is not afraid to think outside the roster in order to find the best keynote speaker for his clients’ events.  Prior to working in a speakers bureau environment, Craig worked for the Agency for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, and once upon a time was a DJ on the air at mvyradio on Martha’s Vineyard.

Outside of work, Craig is most likely found playing his piano, guitar, banjo, his other banjo, ukulele, or bass if he’s not skiing, golfing terribly, or spending time with his family.  He and his wife are proud Red Sox season ticket holders (even if they finish last).  No matter where in the world he is, Craig is a New Englander first.  GO SOX!



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