The FRICTION Podcast: Part Organizational Design. Part Therapy.

Organizational Psychologist and Stanford Professor of Management Science and Engineering Robert Sutton is back to tackle friction, the phenomenon that frustrates employees, fatigues teams and causes organizations to flounder and fail. FRICTION digs into causes and cures for destructive friction—and when it is wise to make things harder to do. The episodes are loaded with raw stories of time pressure, absurd rules, broken cultures, flawed yet brilliant people, and courage under ridiculous odds. FRICTION distills research insights and practical tactics to improve the way we work.

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Check out the Season 2 schedule to prepare yourself for some of the incredible guests.

Schedule for Season 2

May 30: “Tenacious Compassion: Leading Through the Storm”

Nancy Koehn, Harvard Business School historian and author of Forged in Crisis

June 6: “The Spreadsheet Troll: Tales of Silos and Scaling”

Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup and The Startup Way

June 13: “Agile on the Edges: Misfits and Magnifiers”

Michael Arena, Chief Talent Officer for General Motors and author of Adaptive Space

June 20: “Productive Paranoia: Lights, Camera…Anxiety!”

Sheri Singer, Executive Producer of 37 Made-for-TV Movies including Holloweentown

June 27: “The Customers Made Us Scale It”

Sam Yen, Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase and former Chief Design Officer at SAP

July 4: “Over, Under, Through: Fixing Government Friction”

Jennifer Anastasoff, former Head of People for the United States Digital Service and CEO of Fuse Corp

July 11: “Sweet Rejection: Cutting Out the Noise”

Henning Piezunka, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD

July 18: “Simple Rules Set You Free”

Kathy Eisenhardt, Professor of Management Science & Engineering and co-author of Simple Rules.

July 25:“Dear Micro-Manager, Control Yourself”

Jeff Pfeffer, Stanford Professor of Organizational Behavior and author of Dying for a Paycheck

August 1: “Can’t Stand the Heat? Get Rid of the Friction”

Annie and Craig Stoll, owners of the Delfina Restaurant group

August 8: “The Emperor Has No Clue”

Huggy Rao, Stanford Professor of Organizational Behavior and co-author of Scaling Up Excellence

August 15: “Turning Friction into Fire: Lessons from Season Two”

Bob Sutton, Organizational Psychologist and Stanford Professor