The Future is Thinking Less about Consumption and More about People, says Marketing Keynote Speaker Marcus Collins

Marcus Collins, Top Marketing Keynote Speaker and award-winning advertiser recently collaborated with Facebook and the Wall Street Journal in a video campaign that discusses the future of marketing. 

The best marketers and business strategists are promoting that people, rather than products, should be the focus of businesses. By asking yourself the question, “How can I make people’s lives easier?” you are opening more doors, encouraging more business, and creating more smiling faces. 

Marcus Collins is gaining more and more recognition as a marketing genius. He is the Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy New York, former Head of Digital Strategy for Beyoncé, and a Marketing Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Over the last decade, Marcus has helped “blue-chip” brands— like McDonald’s, Google, AB-InBev, and Peloton— bridge the academic-practitioner gap to create contagious marketing ideas that excite people to take action.

According to the video campaign, catering to people and their preferences leads to increased discoverability. From making your products easier to find on the internet through curation, to offering delivery and same-day pickup options, it’s all about making things easier on your customers. 

The main idea of the video campaign is to make your customer’s online experience just as good as you would if they walked into your store. “The opportunity is moving beyond the information, and getting closer to intimacy,” says Marcus. 

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