When Only a Headliner Will Do:
Top Booked Celebrity Speakers in 2016

While many companies are switching over to TED-style events with multiple smaller keynote events, there are times when a famous celebrity speaker or big name is needed to reel in attendees, hook their attention, and sink in your message.  The opportunity to meet a beloved celebrity speaker who embodies the concept of success and being able to sit down with them, shake their hand, and hear first person their story of how they made it big is often a once in a lifetime special experience.

Here’s some great news: it is entirely possible to make that dream come true at your next business conference or corporate event. From pro athletes to world-famous comedians to superstars, celebrity guest speakers are highly sought after for their engaging presentations and real-life stories of triumph and success. Here’s a handful of some of the top most-beloved celebrity guest speakers that could be at your next great business conference.

Fredrik Eklund

If you like big personalities, you’ll love Fredrik. Not only does he have an attention-grabbing personality, but he also has a fearless attitude when it comes to business. Fredrik is a top real estate agent in New York and Founder of the renowned Scandinavian real estate agency, Eklund Stockholm New York. He has set record sales in Manhattan and is frequently featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and New York Magazine as a real estate expert. Fredrik is the star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and is a respected celebrity speaker for his leadership and sales expertise. His humor, confidence and impressive business success makes Fredrik one of the most sought after keynote speakers during business conferences today.

Kevin O’Leary

This Shark is much kinder and more gracious in real life than he appears on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. O’Leary has developed a cult following among financial professionals and smart investors with his pull-no-punches look at the good, the bad and the ugly with respect to the markets and investment opportunities. Within his various television roles, his opinionated nature has won over millions, and he continues to impress with his audiences with professional tips and personal anecdotes.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah, Host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” is sure to leave your audience in stitches.  His comedic relief combined with knowledge and presentation of the world’s most current and pressing events make him a great choice as a celebrity guest speaker to energize attendees.  Trevor Noah made his debut as host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show on Comedy Central October 28, 2015. Noah joined The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2014 as a contributor.

Magic Johnson
If you don’t recognize Magic as a world-renowned NBA Hall of Fame All-Star, you may know him as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker. He is Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises, which provides products and services to ethnically diverse urban communities. Similarly, the Magic Johnson Development Corporation develops businesses and commercial property in neglected minority neighborhoods. He is also co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Sparks. With an incredible history as an athlete, entrepreneur and HIV survivor, Magic is a top celebrity guest speaker whose humorous and heartfelt stories inspire at corporate and business conferences around the world.

Jay Leno

If you’ve watched the Tonight Show in the last 20 years, then you’ll recognize Jay Leno. As the famed host of the Tonight Show until 2014 and a legendary comedian, Jay has kept the world laughing with his smart, witty humor. He was named “Best Political Humorist” by Washington Magazine and was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Behind the scenes, Jay is known as one of the hardest working people in show business, committed to bringing his very best work to every show. With his every-man comedic style, Jay is one of the top-rated celebrity guest speakers who brings thoughtful, relevant humor to corporate conferences.

George Takei
Best known for playing Sulu on the original Star Trek TV series and six movies that followed, George Takei is unlikely social media royalty. Unofficially dubbed the King of Facebook, he counts 5.5 million fans in his online empire – including Trekkies, Howard Stern listeners, and the LGBTQ community – who devour his quirky mix of kitten jokes, Star Trek references, heartfelt messages, and sci-fi/fantasy memes.

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