We Won’t Let You or Your Business Get Punked Like Palin

You may have heard about Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest prank—the one where he used a speakers bureau to fly Sarah Palin across the country for a fake interview he planned to feature on his new show Who is America. Regardless if you’re a Borat fan or not, no one would be happy about a 14-hour round-trip-travel to be punked for a TV show.

While such trickery is rare in the speaking business, something much more common and equally as frustrating is a last minute cancelation from a ‘big name’ celebrity. Most organizations working with a celebrity keynote speaker put all their eggs in Liam Neeson’s basket, and then when his daughter is taken and he can’t make the event… there’s no one to fill in.

We’d never put you through that. When you book (or are booked) through BigSpeak, we guarantee we have safety nets to catch you from even the biggest tumbles.

Our Speakers…

Will only ever be contacted about the most qualified events. We have a rigorous vetting process that starts as soon as a company reaches out to find a speaker.

All companies are immediately verified through database searches upon initial contact. From there the company works directly with a member of our sales team to fully understand the purpose of the event and the event’s requirements, restrictions, and needs.

After the contract is complete, our event staff organizes every detail alongside the company’s planning team to ensure there are no miscommunications… unintentional or otherwise.

It’s not rare for one of our experienced Agents and Consultants to scope out the event before the speaker even arrives. Often a member of our team will arrive early to an event, work out any foreseen issues, and fully prepare the event to the specified needs of each individual speaker. Our Agents and Consultants attend events to personally ensure our speakers receive only the best and that any complications can be handled on the spot, ASAP.

Your Organization…

Will never be left hanging. When booking a celebrity or “big name” speaker, you always run the risk of last-minute cancellations—it comes with the territory. But when you work with BigSpeak, you’re ensuring no matter how Brad Pitt’s schedule changes you’ll have an A-list speaker to replace him.

We also take the time to fully flesh out our speakers’ needs, so you’ll never be surprised with a speaker walking out on you because you forgot to separate all the green M&M’s.

Our Agents and Consultants attend events to advocate for you as well. We are dedicated to creating a copesthetic relationship between you and your speaker.

When you use BigSpeak, we guarantee commitment to you and your needs. We know that each event is unique and requires different customizations—that’s our specialty. BigSpeak isn’t just a speakers bureau. We’re peace of mind for you and your team.