Will America Revert to the way it was Pre-pandemic? Top Keynote Speakers Tsedal Neeley and Kevin O’Leary share their Thoughts on CNBC Television

Are we creatures of habit? Will America ever revert to the way it was pre-pandemic? In a recent CNBC Television presentation, BigSpeak Keynote speakers Tsedal Neeley and Kevin O’Leary voiced that the pandemic has changed the business world forever and society will never return to the old ‘normal.’

According to Tsedal Neeley, Award Winning Author, Harvard Business School Professor and Keynote Speaker on Globalization and Digital Transformation, we have entered a new normal. “The world has changed forever. We’re never returning to a pre-pandemic world because all of our assumptions, beliefs, routines, have been fundamentally changed,” says Tsedal.

We are watching evolution before our eyes, and experiencing a worldwide paradigm shift. In the eyes of Kevin O’Leary, Top Business Speaker, Respected Investor, Author, Venture Capitalist, and Judge on ABC’s Shark Tank and CNBC’s Money Court Reality Show, the changes we are making today are ‘fantastic’ for business.

“I’ll tell you one thing, I’m slashing costs left and right,” says Kevin. People are getting used to working from home, and Kevin reports that 33% of his employees do not want to go back to the office, which means lowered costs for business owners. Not only that, but Kevin points out that business travel is no longer necessary, which also reduces expenses tremendously.

Without denying that we are creatures of habit, Tsedal explains that we are learning to practice these habits differently than before. For example, of those who once had a habit of doing in-person workout classes each week, many have made virtual workout classes or outdoor classes with social distancing part of their routine. In the business world, meetings and events are still being held, but more will stay virtual, even in the years to come.

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