15 Nuggets Of Wisdom For Junior Tech Executives Facing A Devastating Hack

Identity theft, hacking, and other cybersecurity attacks such as DDoS attacks can be detrimental to a business, leaving employees, customers, and company information vulnerable. Once information has been stolen, it is virtually impossible to “unsteal” it. And despite increased employee literacy in safety methods and protective programs, hacks can and do happen regularly, sometimes resulting in devastating effects.

But all is not hopeless. Though hackers are constantly honing their infiltration methods, so too are the cybersecurity experts and IT team leaders ramping up their efforts to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

15 leaders in the field have recommendations for young tech executives to keep a handle on and take measures to prevent a cyber attack, from creating incident response plans to using audit logs to figure out the hacker’s methodology. For an in depth look, check out the original article on the Forbes website.