Big Delivery: There is No Success Without Ex’s

Recently, we sent motivational sales and customer service expert Robert Stevenson to deliver a presentation to FedEx. EXpanding upon the EX in FedEx, he went the EXtra mile to bring home the message in his keynote:

 There is No Success Without Ex’s

I was invited to speak at FedEx World Headquarters where I delivered two programs. I also had the wonderful opportunity to take a tour of their Memphis Hub Operations and see how they are able to process over 600,000 packages per night while it was actually happening. It was an amazing sight to behold.

I wanted to talk to them on a personal level so they could advance their own careers while at the same time helping their company. I also wanted to create something special for those who attended my sessions that would be memorable and have a direct correlation with FedEx. Then it hit me … the “Ex” in their corporate name … stands for so much more than “Express.” Just as FedEx has added, evolved, changed, tweaked and greatly improved on everything they do, I told my audience they too, needed to do the same.

I then gave them a list of “Ex’s” to follow that would ensure not only their success in business, but also in life. I told them they needed to ask themselves…

Do I Excel at my job?

Do I always give Extra?

Do I avoid making Excuses?

Do I Exert maximum effort?

Do I set the right Examples?

Do I Exceed what is required?

Do I Exhibit the best judgment?

Do I always strive for Excellence?

Do I Exhaust all possible solutions?

Do I always Extend a helping hand?

Do I Exemplify the best standards?

Do I strive to be Exceptional at my job?

Do I Experiment at new ways to do things?

Do I Execute according to proper procedures?

Do my peers considered me an Expert at what I do?

Do I Examine all mistakes to fully understand their cause?

Regardless what company, association, or organization you work for, if you follow this list of “Ex’s”, everyone will want you. You will be known as the person they can always count on because you always deliver … you will be Exceptional.

To establish and maintain a position of supremacy in anything you do requires that you start incorporating the “Ex’s” in all aspects of your life and business. It’s your choice … you can either do it or you will simply be “Excluded” from that list of people who succeed in life and that is the one “Ex” I surely want to stay away from. So remember…

Let the “Ex’s” mark your path
on your journey towards success…