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4 Imperatives For The Future of Work

The war for talent is on. With unemployment at a 5 year low of 5%, companies are struggling to find, attract and retain talent. The…

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5 Tips for Giving Fearless Feedback

Are you still using the old “praise sandwich” model of giving feedback? That is, sandwiching your criticism between two slices of praise. If so, it’s…

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Want A Memorable, Free Holiday Gift For Your Employees?

In a world full of cyber this-and-that, sometimes the most memorable gifts we receive are simple and heartfelt. Last week we met Andrea Procaccino, vice…

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7 Ways Effective Motivational Speakers can Drive Profitability to Your Company

What does it take to drive profitability? Higher pay? Incentive programs? Great products? In many cases, these factors are not the main factors that result…

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Lead With Courage

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day this week, our thoughts at ConantLeadership turn naturally to the virtue of courage. We often think of courage in its…

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Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated During the Holidays

During the holidays it can be very easy for employees to lose focus and motivation.  The excitement of the impending festivities can prove to be…

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On Screen, All Business: the Etiquette of Videoconferencing

One thing early science fiction writers got right was that we would someday exchange video images along with audio when we communicated. But so far,…

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Improve your Emotional Intelligence – Increase Success

While much of your IQ is determined by your genetics, psychology experts Bill Benjamin and Dr. Skrikumar Rao agree that IQ alone is a poor…

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Why Do I Feel So Overwhelmed During The Holiday Season?

If the holiday season is supposed to be an exciting and joyful time of the year, filled with friends, family, and cheer, why is it…

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How Can I Optimize My Network To Solve Problems, Accelerate Innovation, And Reduce Costs Using Connectional Intelligence?

We’ve figure out that being socially and digitally important are vital to business, but do we know how to best optimize our vast networks?  Read…

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To Fee or Not To Fee…That is the Question

  Should you ever give away your services (or products) for free? This has been an on-going discussion in the speaking community. And recently I…

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What Businesses Can Learn from Rhonda Rousey’s Defeat

This week, we saw the downfall of a seemingly invincible athlete – Rhonda Rousey who had to face the painful reality that you’re only as…

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