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Why Disruptive Innovation is Key to ROI

Disruptive Innovation. Everyone wants to know what the term means and why it’s important to the bottom line, but it’s not as complicated as it…

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How to Spark Innovation Through Crowdsourcing

crowd·source ˈkroudˌsôrs/ verb To utilize information contributed by the general public, often via the Internet “Some companies may not understand how to take advantage of…

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Five Innovation Experts Share How to Jumpstart Growth

Being more innovative in the workplace, may simply be a matter of shifting how you think. According to BigSpeak’s innovation experts, cutting-edge products and solutions…

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Top Requested Speakers At Tech Conferences

As we enter this new era of big data and digital information, it has never been more important to take advantage of expert insights to…

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The Stars of Shark Tank on How to Dress for Success

Written by Kim Lachance Shandrow, When it comes to dressing for success, you’d better look the part or you might not get the part at…

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Shawn Achor Reveals Exercises You Can do for Two Minutes A Day to Immediately Feel Happier

To those who think of happiness as a “nice to have” luxury or something that comes after a lifetime of sacrifice of single-mindedly driving to…

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Same-Sex Marriage: What It Means For The LGBT Community In The Work Place

Friday’s historical Supreme Court decision—granting same-sex partners the right to marry in all 50 states—is simply the beginning of new legislation for gay and lesbian…

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Gender Disparity – Women In Technology And Business

If you want to diversify in a simple and powerful way that will benefit your company, it’s easy: hire more women. It can be argued…

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Millennials: Myth vs Fact In The Workforce

Millennials are, in a word, disruptive. Those born from the early 80s to the start of the millennium are changing the way businesses function on…

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July 7th – Live Q&A with “Dean of Innovation” Jeff Degraff

Join us on July 7 at 1pm EDT as we sit down with “The Dean of Innovation” Jeff DeGraff for a live Q&A. Jeff’s creative…

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The ROI of a Diverse Work Environment

Recent research indicates that the more diverse a company, the bigger its profits. Global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company reported in January of this…

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Hear from BigSpeak’s CEO How Leading Conference Producers are Improving Customer Experience and Increasing Margins

At BigSpeak, we believe that a corporate event, when executed well, is not merely a glorified meeting, but rather an engaging, multi-sensory experience for all…

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