Calling all Entrepreneurs: Marc Randolph’s New Podcast is Worth 30 Minutes of Your Day

“There isn’t anyone Marc can’t inspire. Entrepreneurs or not, his inspirational story really humanizes taking risks and going after what you want, even if it isn’t easy. He’s funny, relatable, and leaves the audience with actionable steps to be successful.” – CEO, Headbands of Hope

Marc Randolph, Entrepreneur Keynote Speaker, Netflix Co-founder, National Bestselling Author, Executive Mentor and Angel Investor recently launched a new podcast based on his international bestselling book called That Will Never Work— and it’s receiving rave reviews.

Marc created the podcast to work directly with entrepreneurs, and help them turn their nascent or struggling businesses into sustainable companies. Unsurprisingly, the podcast has a 5 star rating on Apple, and has attracted entrepreneurs with a variety of different backgrounds and experience levels. 

One reviewer wrote, “Listening to the struggling entrepreneur to whom he is speaking is also incredibly insightful. When I listen to the entrepreneur’s struggles, I hear my own. But because it is someone else, it gives me the objectivity to clearly see the flaws in their own thinking (which I am blind to in my own thinking).” 

Tune in to Marc Randolph’s podcast to hear stories and advice that will help you to make your wildest business ideas come to life, even if you’ve been told “that will never work,” and be sure to also check out the best-selling book that it’s based on! 

Full of counter-intuitive concepts and written in binge-worthy prose, Marc’s book That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea answers some of our most fundamental questions about taking that leap of faith in business or in life: How do you begin? How do you weather disappointment and failure? How do you deal with success? What even is success?

Top business speaker Marc Randolph also offers a live and virtual keynote program packed with dozens of stories that trace the dramatic ups and downs of those first exciting years. Marc weaves an inspiring story that shows the value of innovation, persistence and optimism. Equal parts inspiration, start up story, and practical tips, it’s a keynote speech that resonates well with anyone who appreciates a good “overcoming adversity” story.

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