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Marc Randolph

Netflix Co-Founder, Executive Mentor and Angel Investor.

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Marc Randolph, In Brief:

Marc Randolph is a top entrepreneur and innovation keynote speaker, Netflix co-founder, and angel investor. He has 40 years experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. After leaving Netflix, he co-founded analytics software company Looker Data Sciences, and currently serves as a board member and advisor for a number of startups. His dynamic keynote presentations focus on what it takes for entrepreneurs to innovate.

Why Marc Randolph?

Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor and investor perhaps best known as the co-founder of Netflix. His message is a blend of inspiration (overcoming adversity / anyone can do it / etc.), stories drawn from the starting and growing of Netflix, plus dozens of concrete suggestions taken from his 4 decades as an entrepreneur on how people can bring innovation back to THEIR companies.

Marc’s Keynote Speaker Bio:

Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, investor and motivational keynote speaker.  Marc was co-founder of the online movie and television streaming service Netflix, serving as their founding CEO, as the executive producer of their website, and as a member of their board of directors until his retirement in 2004.

Although best known for starting Netflix, Marc’s career as an entrepreneur spans more than four decades.  He’s been a founder of more than half a dozen other successful start-ups, a mentor to hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs, and an investor in numerous successful (and an even larger number of unsuccessful) tech ventures.

Most recently, Randolph co-founded an analytics software company Looker Data Sciences, and currently serves as an advisor to numerous other startups, serving variously as a mentor, CEO coach, and/or board member.

He is a frequent speaker at industry events, works extensively with young entrepreneur programs, and is a trustee of the non-profit National Outdoor Leadership School.

Marc Randolph is charming, handsome and modest; and whenever possible avoids referring to himself in the third person.  He lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Testimonials 5

  • “Marc was outstanding. His content and delivery were inspiring. Having him as a speaker added value not only to our conference; the way he challenged us to think differently will continue to influence the audience’s mindset.”

    Rebecca Nerad

    Head of Marketing and Customer Success

  • “There isn’t anyone Marc can’t inspire. Entrepreneurs or not, his inspirational story really humanizes taking risks and going after what you want, even if it isn’t easy. He’s funny, relatable, and leaves the audience with actionable steps to be successful.”


    CEO, Headbands of Hope

  • The CIO’s truly enjoyed your keynote and takeaways


  • Inbev loved your talk!

    Bull White House

  • Having Marc Randolph as a speaker at eMerge Americas 2016 elevated the overall level of our content and provided our thousands of attendees with a unique view into the mind of an entrepreneur that has changed the face of entertainment. As a successful and serial entrepreneur, Marc was able to shine a light on how innovation has the ability to completely change industries.

    Xavier Gonzalez

    Chief Executive Officer

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Coaching, Advisor and Investor

After six startups, I’m done starting my own companies.  Now my only objective is to help others be successful; helping early stage founders grow their business, helping them establish strong working relationship with their employees and co-founders, and helping the figure out how to maintain balance in their lives while doing so. Although I like advising, I hate advisory boards.  I find that they encourage shoot-from-the-hip pattern recognition type stuff that ends up being unrewarding for both founders and advisors alike.  To be genuinely helpful requires an extensive investment of time.  Time to know the founding team well; to understand their product, their competitors, and their market; to know their strengths and weaknesses.  Only then can you properly give advice that makes sense. Because the time investment is so high in this sort of relationship – and because I’m still working very hard to maintain balance in my own life – I can only work with a handful of companies at a time.  I’m currently working with 7 great organizations, but I’m always looking to meet new ones.


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