Major Canadian Financial Institution

Major Canadian Financial Institution ($50 Billion in Assets / 2 Million Canadian Clients)

The Challenge:

BigSpeak Consulting was engaged to locate an expert required to lead a highly interactive two-day program for the Client’s top 1% earners.

The BigSpeak Consulting Solution:

BigSpeak Consulting interviewed potential candidates and, with the Client, identified the proper expert who would successfully engage their team, keeping in alignment with Client methodologies and values. With the help of BigSpeak Consulting, a proposal which outlined the program was presented to the Client’s executive team. The program was accepted and customized to address the Client’s specific challenges.

The Result:

BigSpeak Consulting saved the Client fixed costs by negotiating directly with one of our experts, based on our professional alignment. BigSpeak Consulting also increased the Client’s ROI by working closely with the expert who was required to design an outside-of-the-box program. The chosen expert received the highest score in the Client’s program history.


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