AQ: The Resilience Advantage

Our 1-day session gives participants at any level greater agility and new resilience-building skills that they can immediately apply at work and in life.

  • Duration
    1-day (1/2 day and 2 day sessions available as well)
  • Target Audience
    Any group will benefit from this session


This engaging, interactive, customized session provides the AQ® foundation required to become measurably more resilient, agile, and “Response Able” — able to respond optimally to whatever happens the moment it strikes. It includes four sequential modules:

The New Normal: Establish immediate relevance to your opportunities, challenges, and adversities, in the grander context of key, compelling larger trends that help shape the future.

AQ Assessment: Gauge your AQ and CORE scores using the proprietary AQ Profile®.

AQ Tools: Learn to become measurably more resilient by practicing and applying the AQ tools to your specific challenges, issues, and opportunities.

Embedding AQ: Apply AQ to specific (current and emerging) personal and professional problems. Prepare for the 90-day, post-session AQ SkillSites™ to reinforce and strengthen your results.

What is AQ? AQ (Adversity Quotient) is the most scientifically robust and widely used method in the world for measuring and strengthening human resilience.


1. Discovery
2. Measurement
3. Improvement
4. Integration


“There is no doubt that AQ, Dr. Paul Stoltz and the PEAK Learning team immediately and directly helped us achieve industry-leading results across all levels of the organization. I strongly recommend AQ to any organization that is interested in igniting its culture and taking performance to entirely new levels.

John Suranyi
Former President DIRECTV

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What’s included

Prep: AQ Survey
Learn: AQ Program Toolkit
Reinforce: AQ SkillSites


Harvard Business School incorporates AQ theory and methods into its prestigious executive development and MBA programs

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“Of the learning we offer at P&G, The Adversity Quotient programs are consistently ranked among the most impactful. Given the ever-changing demands of business today, his approach is essential to equip the workforce for success.” —Shelley DeMayo, Sr. Account Executive in Sales Training, Procter & Gamble


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