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Paul Stoltz

World's Leading Expert and Consultant on Resilience and Creator of the Adversity Quotient®

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Dr. Paul G. Stoltz is considered the world’s leading authority on the integration and application of grit and resilience. He is author of four international bestselling books on the subject—printed in 14 languages—was voted by HR Magazine as “One of the Top 10 most influential global thinkers,” and by Executive Excellence as “One of the 100 Most Influential Thinkers of Our Time.” His newest book, GRIT—The New Science of What it Takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed is available now, in which he pioneers the first construct for growing both the quantity and quality of one’s GRIT.

Dr. Stoltz guest lectures at MIT, where his GRIT-related methods and assessments are used to equip tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Dr. Stoltz has also been a member of Stanford University’s Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series, was selected as the Millennial Thinker for Singapore, “Thought Leader of the Year” in Hong Kong, and is a top-rated international faculty member for the Young Presidents’ Organization.

He has also guest lectured for Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and the Harvard Business School Executive Education program. HBS incorporates Dr. Stoltz’s AQ (Adversity Quotient) theory and methods into its prestigious executive development and MBA programs. Dr. Stoltz has been a featured blogger and author for the Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today.

Today, GRIT™ and AQ® are the most widely adopted methods of their kind in the world for measurably enhancing one’s resilience, agility, and GRIT—currently in use by industry-leading companies, top institutions, and many governments in 63 countries across the globe.

Dr. Stoltz is frequently featured in the world’s top media. Examples include the major news shows CNN, CNBC, ABC, Sky News, Business News Network, NBC Nightly News, Public Broadcast Service (PBS), as well as the biggest daytime shows such as the Today Show, and Oprah. You will also find Dr. Stoltz quoted in the major press, worldwide, including Wall Street Journal, Harvard Management Update, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo! Finance, Asia 21, Inc., Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Singapore Straits Times, The Australian Financial Review, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Boss Magazine, The Drucker Foundation’s prestigious Leader to Leader and other publications.

Dr. Stoltz founded PEAK Learning, Inc. in 1987. PEAK is a leading global research and consulting firm, through which he coaches, consults, teaches, and collaborates with top leaders, thinkers, and influencers within a broad range of organizations from start-ups and NGO’s to the Fortune 50 on six continents.

As a highly sought-after thought leader, presenter, and teacher, Dr. Stoltz combines inspiration and humor with application and substance, delivering a compelling and practical message to audiences of 10 to 10,000 people, including some of the largest venues in the world.

As Director of the Global Resilience and GRIT Institutes, Dr. Stoltz oversees a research agenda in 29 countries dedicated to exploring, expanding, and advancing the applications of AQ and GRIT to strengthen people and their organizations. His research partners have included top thinkers at Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Harvard, and more than a dozen universities overseas.

Dr. Stoltz received his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and Economics from the University of California, as well as his business and social sciences interdisciplinary master’s and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. PEAK Learning’s international headquarters is situated in the coastal mountains of San Luis Obispo, California, where Dr. Stoltz resides with his family, who were honored by USA Today as “America’s Most Creative Family.”

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  • “PEAK delivers the finest combination of substance, innovation and results of any firm I have ever hired. We have brought in PEAK for keynotes, programs and consulting for 17 years, and they never cease to exceed our ever-increasing expectations. They deliver original wisdom, and tools to equip people and business for the third millennium.”

    Stephen Burrill

    Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

  • “Dr. Paul Stoltz and his team delivered the finest, most practical, and most original presentations, programs, and coaching I have ever experienced. They genuinely transform businesses and change lives. We will definitely be using them again and again in the years to come.”

    Chris Powell

    VP, Talent Management, Human Resources, ING Americas

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The GRIT Program™—What it takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed

If you want to master the basics on GRIT, this is the program for you. In addition to the customized outcomes, participants who complete The GRIT Program typically will:

– Understand and appreciate the role GRIT plays in everything one sets out to accomplish

– Assess one’s personal GRIT using the GRIT Gauge™, with a comprehensive personal feedback report

– Practice and begin to master a series of GRIT Gainers™ (tools) to a broad range of situations, to measurably improve one’s GRIT

– Immediately apply GRIT Gainers to their goals, challenges, and opportunities upon completion of the program.

Sales GRIT™

Any successful sales professional or sales leader knows, GRIT predicts and fuels sales success. This customized program is offered to any combination of sales professionals, sales-related functions, and sales leaders. Some programs even include customers! In addition to the client-specific learning outcomes, groups typically emerge equipped with:

– A firm, strong grasp on the basics of G-R-I-T, how they apply to any sales-related situation or project

– Understanding and applying the GRIT Grid Cube™,

– Appling the differences between Dumb versus Smart, Bad versus Good, Weak versus Strong GRIT to real sales-related situations

– One’s personal GRIT Gauge™ results, with concrete steps on what to focus on and improve, first

– The GRIT Gap™, clearly defining the gap between one’s current and required GRIT, based on the customer

– Applying Sales GRIT Gainers in any situation, to accelerate and strengthen sales goal fulfillment

– Personalizing GRIT to all aspects of one’s life

Leadership GRIT™

Getting people to passionately engage, to dig deep and relentlessly pursue difficult, complex, protracted goals is what gritty leadership is all about. Leadership GRIT draws from the most advanced GRIT-based theory and practices to equip leaders to:

– Grasp, appreciate, and apply Growth, Resilience, Instinct and Tenacity first to one’s self, and second, to how one leads others

– Upgrade both the quality and quantity of one’s personal GRIT

– Lead others to set Gritty Goals, follow a Gritty Game Plan, and achieve more, in less time

– Apply GRIT to how you recruit, develop, and advance your talent

– Create a gritty culture, one that thrives on difficulty, struggle, and effort

– Turn GRIT into a competitive weapon, to achieve otherwise unachievable gains

– Applying GRIT to all facets of one’s personal life

– With measurable gains in individual and collective GRIT

Entrepreneurial GRIT™

GRIT is arguably the single most important factor that differentiates successful from unsuccessful entrepreneurs. That’s why MIT’s Martin Center for Entrepreneurship now incorporates PEAK’s GRIT into how it screens and develops entrepreneurs through its newest program.

Entrepreneurial GRIT is a high energy, full-on experience. It challenges entrepreneurs to:

– Assess their own G-R-I-T, Robustness, and personal GRIT gaps

– Develop Smarter, “Gooder”, Stronger overall GRIT

– Apply GRIT Gainers to their specific concepts, efforts, enterprises, and endeavors

– Make substantial strides in their personal GRIT

– Grow gritty teams and organizations

– Use GRIT as a competitive advantage

– Apply GRIT to all aspects of one’s life

– Emerge as a truly gritty entrepreneur

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