What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – In Sales

How Successful People Become Even More Successful!

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The Game is changing. Customers have more information, more options and expect more amenities at a time when most organizations are looking for ways to cut back on costs. Sales people are caught in the middle. In this workshop we’ll examine the new world of sales and analyze 16 habits (like putting emphasis technology not relationships or propagandizing) that can impact sales performance. Additionally we will explore a whole new — it is easier to start than stop – approach to development.


  • See research on treads impacting sales people
  • Examine the 16 habits that cause sales people to be less effective while in front of the customer
  • Learn how to determine what to start and stop.
  • Apply a technique for self development that takes very little time and is proven effective
  • Employ a new tool “Peer Coaching” that is especially effective for sales people on the go.


We invited Bill Hawkins to Germany to work with 70 leaders from all over the world to help them cooperate and collaborate across functions, regions and cultural boundaries. The people were impressed by his real world experiences and communication style that involves a cross-cultural audience. Bill’s style is exciting, challenging, and highly interactive He gives hard hitting advise that you can put to work tomorrow. He is excellent.

Sonja Hochreiter
Texas Instruments Business Manager

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Possible Topics

The Game is Changing
-The “new rules” in the market place
-Trends accelerate (competition, products, policies)
-Sales people are at the fulcrum of customer expectations and company needs

The Millennial Challenge
-Functional and Human Skills get you into the game
-Sell Through wins the game
-Attitude is the X-Factor in sales

A new approach – Easier to stop than start
-Shifting into neutral
-Determining what to stop
-16 habits that your customers want you to give up

How to get from here to there
-Getting help – recruiting stakeholders
-Getting ideas – practicing Feedforward
-Getting there – follow up via peer coa


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