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Bill Hawkins

Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach

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Bill Hawkins’ Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the “top ten executive educators”, Forbes as one of the “five most respected executive coaches” and the Economist as “one of three most credible executive advisors in the new era of business”, Bill Hawkins is an expert in leadership development and executive coaching. He has worked with over twenty Fortune 500 companies in seventeen countries.

Bill Hawkins specializes in leadership development and education. He leverages the latest research on leadership effectiveness coupled with on-the-job experience to deliver practical, high-impact leadership keynotes, education workshops and highly effective executive one-on-one coaching.

Bill Hawkins began his career with a division of Johnson & Johnson and then joined Boston Scientific Corporation as Director of Sales and Marketing. For over seventeen years Bill Hawkins has worked with organizations to identify and develop high potential leaders. He has designed and facilitated leadership education workshops for corporate clients on five continents. Bill Hawkins also coaches leaders individually to increase personal effectiveness. With his blend of consulting and management experience, Bill Hawkins brings a breadth of understand and insight to “real world” situations

More About Bill Hawkins. . .
Bill Hawkins is a member of the Peter Drucker Foundation “Thought Leader’s Forum” and is listed in Who’s Who in International Business. He is a contributing author in the Peter Drucker Foundation book The Organization of the Future. Bill Hawkins is also a contributing author in Coaching for Leadership and Change Champion’s Fieldguide.

Bill Hawkins specializes in helping successful people become even more successful. Since 1990 he has used the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Process (featured in the New Yorker, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review) working with leaders — primarily from Fortune 500 companies- who are successful, high-potential individuals within organizations that want to accelerate their development and help them prepare for roles of greater responsibility.

Testimonials 2

  • “Bill Hawkins is an invaluable resource for our company. Our leadership programs have been successful due to his direction and guidance over the past fifteen years. Bill has also been a personal coach to many of our executives. They have made considerable progress on their personal development plan under Bill’s tutelage which, in turn, makes them much more effective leaders.”

    Jim O'Brien

    Chairman and CEO, Ashland Inc.

  • “We have been very pleased with Bill’s work and would recommend him to anyone looking at helping their leadership team move to the next level.  He is an excellent resource with real world experience and a bed side manner that allows people to make change.”

    Texas Instruments

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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (How Successful People Become Even More Successful)


During this session we examine the three key concepts in Marshall Goldsmith’s best selling book, “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There. We will analyize the 20 most common bad habits that impact leadership and practice proven techniques to change for the better.

Key Compnents:

1. Understand why it can be so challenging to help successful people change and accept change

  • Identify the four key beliefs of successful people that make them successful and that make change difficult
  • Recognize the “success traps” that block learning

2. Recognize that the more successful we become the more likely our challenges are behavioral

  • See that the obstacles holding people back from the highest levels of management are almost never flaws relating to technical skills, intelligence or personality
  • Identify the twenty most common (and annoying) interpersonal issues in the workplace

3. Learn a proven model that leaders can use to develop themselves – with benchmark examples

  • Apply techniques to encourage feedback
  • See research results tracking 86,000 people (what works and what doesn’t work in development)

Development for High Potentials: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There


Most people believe that if they continue doing what has made them successful in the past that it will lead to future success. This is not necessarily true. In fact, the very behaviors that contribute to success early in a career can derail it later. In this workshop you will discover how to identify and overcome 20 of the most common interpersonal challenges often found in leadership behavior and  learn a seven step method to modify the habits you want to change and apply ‘rules of change’ to make the changes permanent.

The Success Delusion (why we resist change)

  • Identify the 4 key beliefs essential for success
  • Understand the paradox of success (the beliefs that carried us here my hold us back from further success)

Critical Issues at Each Stage of Your Career

  • Recognize the  unique challenges that  predict success after a promotion
  • Preparing for these challenges can determine the difference between a fast start and career derailment.

The Higher We Go (or more successful we become) the More Likely Our Challenges  are Behavioral

  • See that the obstacles holding people back from the highest levels of management are almost never flaws relating to technical skills, intelligence or personality
  • Identify the twenty most annoying interpersonal issues in the workplace

Development for Middle Managers: Developing Ourselves, Our People and Our Teams

In this workshop we will examine the challenges in middle management  We’ll  apply tools  to develop yourself,  coach others for measurable behavior change and learn a new technique for team building that is fast and effective.

Coaching to Motivate and Retain High Impact People

Engaging, motivating and keeping great people on your team is becoming an increasing challenge in tomorrow’s world. In this workshop we will look at why these high impact people predictably resist change, examine 8 trends that are impacting corporate loyalty, benchmark “best practices” in retaining high    performers and learn motivation techniques to engage every member of the team.

Development for Newly Promoted Managers: Coaching for Performance

In doing the research for our latest Book “Bring Out The Best In Every Employee” our team repeatedly observed five situations in the workplace when coaching can impact performance. In this workshop, we’ll provide tools change behavior (3) increase engagement (4) support development and (5) build teamwork.

Influencing Without Authority

Getting people to do what you want is not all that difficult — when you have authority. Success in today’s environment, however, requires business professionals to influence an array of people (both within and outside their own organization) who they cannot control in the traditional sense. In this workshop you will gain an understanding of power, learn techniques to build personal credibility and practice applying appropriate styles to influence effectively.

Leading Change (Guiding People -- Managing the Process)

You live in a world where “business as usual” is change. New initiatives, technology improvements, staying ahead of the competition – these things come together to drive ongoing change.  Leading change and effectively managing individual emotions and reactions to change have become a major component in leadership success.

Change impacts everyone, but in different ways.  In this workshop we use the movie “Remember the Titans” (a story about the impact of forced integration in a Virginia high school in 1972) as a case study. We’ll identify strategies for leading change, examine human emotions / reactions linked to change and offer tools to manage the process.

Managing Yourself (Through Times of Change)

Reorganization, new initiatives, technology improvements – these things come together to drive ongoing changes to the way we work.  Change impacts everyone, but the way we react is very individual.  In this workshop we use the movie “Remember the Titans” (a story about the impact of forced integration in a Virginia high school in 1972) as a case study to examine change when it is forced on us. We’ll identify strategies and apply tools for effectively managing ourselves through turbulent times of change.


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