Rapid Team Results™ – Achieve Breakthrough Measurable Results

  • Duration
    1/2 day to 2 days
  • Target Audience
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Rapid Team Results is a “Working Session” NOT a Teambuilding or Training Program. We assist the team in leveraging the three key areas directly linked to business results by changing fundamental habits that have blocked improvement in the following key areas:

  • Execution – the link between people to produce a result
  • Relationships – the interactions between people to ensure trust, support and effective communication to sustain performance improvement
  • Deliverables – the operational goals and projects necessary to achieve business results

This powerful team system is designed for the following kinds of teams:

  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Functional Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Admin Teams
  • Merged Organizational Teams
  • Start-Up Teams

Standard Implementation

An IMPAQ senior consultant will work to facilitate this process as an in-house working session with one or more of your teams.

A standard one to two day implementation can be delivered in half or full days.

Leadership Development

An IMPAQ senior consultant will teach the skills of Rapid Team Results™ as part of a leadership development program for managers and supervisors to facilitated with their respective teams.

Trainer Certification

You can train your internal training staff to facilitate or teach the skills of Rapid Team Results™inside of your organization.


The Rapid Team Results™ Process

  1. Assess Team Execution and Relationships related to current performance
  2. Discuss Personal and Shared Accountability – A Key for High Performance
  3. Develop an aligned and comprehensive Picture of Success for Achieving Breakthrough Results (This is not a vision or mission statement)
  4. Define 15 to 20 Core Habits of Execution necessary to achieve the Picture of Success
  5. Establish meaningful measurements for each Core Habit of Execution and prioritize the top 3 to 5 for leveraging the change
  6. Empower task forces to implement 3 to 5 New Habits of Execution directly linked to achieving deliverables and business results
  7. Develop Accountability Agreements for improving team relationships and sustaining improvement
  8. Create high performance team meetings – focused only on surfacing and resolving breakdowns


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In one of the most recent teams in a manufacturing facility had the following results:
-Trust improved 59%
-Communication improved 49%
-Meeting effectiveness improved 27%
-Decision Making improved 37%
-Keeping agreements improved 29%
-Resolving conflicts improved 43%


Each team must return within 3 to 6 months to for a formal and measurable evaluation of team results. During this session, the following areas of critical team performance will be assessed and correlated to provide a true snapshot of improved effectiveness.

The measurements include:

-General and Measurable Deliverables and Business Results
-Habits of Execution effectiveness
-Specific Results from Improvement Goal Task Forces
-Relationship effectiveness
-Level of effectiveness keeping Team Agreements


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