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Mark Samuel

Expert on Accountability and Performance Execution

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Mark Samuel’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Mark Samuel is the founder and president of a consulting firm that specializes in implementing accountability-based culture change, accountability-based leadership and self-directed teams. As the nationally acclaimed author of The Accountability Revolution: Achieve Breakthrough Results in Half the Time! , Mark Samuel has been featured in Fortune Magazine as a top authority on “how companies can end blame in the ranks, and create a place where people want to work and get results.”

Mark Samuel’s other books include The Power of Personal Accountability and Creating the Accountable Organization.

Why Mark Samuel

  • Mark’s proven methodologies and concepts are refreshingly new, bringing forward a new consciousness for changing culture and improving performance in rapid time of less than 6 months. His guaranteed measurable results combined with many client case studies from around the world makes his presentations thought provoking, practical and inspiring.
  • Mark’s brings a human element to increasing individual, team and organizational accountability. As the acknowledged expert in the field of organizational accountability and change, Mark’s concepts apply to one’s personal life in addition to one’s work life. People leave Mark’s presentations with a new perspective that allows for one’s human error, while achieving breakthrough results in performance, communication and positive relationships. Mark is one of the only consultants to understand the importance of shared ownership and accountability for breaking down silos and blame game behaviors.
  • Mark is one of the first people to link culture, execution and deliverables in a way to create fast, meaningful and sustainable change. His focus on changing “collective habits” of execution rather than merely focusing on balanced scorecard and dashboards, enables his clients to identify and resolve root cause breakdowns much faster than companies focused on metrics. His presentations not only provide a new paradigm of thinking, but also practical activities that allow his audience to experience the transformation during his presentation.

Mark Samuel is now considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on Accountability. When CNBC or Bloomberg want to know how accountability can improve a company’s bottom line, they turn to Mark Samuel. Fortune 500 companies from around the globe and in all industries consider him a practical visionary. For over 20 years, Mark Samuel has helped companies solve the challenges of performance improvement, leadership development, retention, mergers, effectively managed teamwork and culture change.

Mark Samuel’s personal objective is to carry the message of accountability to create a world where people can count on each other to make a meaningful difference. It’s been said that his presentations have a profound and positive effect on the way people function in their work lives and their personal lives.

Mark Samuel’s consulting clients include Genentech Pharmaceuticals, Chevron Corp., Honda Motor, Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Edison, Sun Microsystems, The Royal Bank of Canada, Habitat for Humanity International, US Navy, and the University of California, Berkeley.

More About Mark Samuel. . .
Considered a practical visionary by Fortune 500 companies, Mark Samuel has developed accountability-based performance improvement systems that have contributed to benchmark results and sustainability. Inspirational, thought-provoking and humorous are the words that best describe Mark Samuel’s keynote speeches. People not only leave inspired with new ideas about accountability and leadership, they leave energized with practical strategies and tools to take action.

Mark Samuel also founded the Center for Peaceful Accountability, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing effectiveness and quality of life for communities worldwide.

Mark Samuel holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Science; a Masters Degree in Management, with a special emphasis in Organizational Development, both from UC Irvine. Additionally, he holds a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Testimonials 2

  • “You could call Mark Samuel something of a magician. He’s an innovative, pioneering management consultant who—I’m not kidding— seems to work magic in organizations. With his skillful touch, stalled companies fire back up into productivity; companies that were stuck shake loose and find their freedom and flow.”

    Steve Chandler

    Motivational speaker & bestselling author

  • “Mark is a visionary and an original thinker. He can walk into any dysfunctional situation and diagnose the root cause of it. He sees the best possible outcome and knows how to get you there faster than you expected.”

    Sophie Chiche

    Founder and CEO of Shape House

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