Diversity Speakers

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Chief People Officer at Vice Media | Workplace Culture Shaper from Disney, Google and Moody's

Angela Davis

Gain a new perspective about social justice and civil rights from counterculture legend Angela Davis

Jeffery Robinson

Deputy Legal Director and Director of the Trone Center for Justice and Equality

Angela Benton

Founder & Publisher of NewME, the First Accelerator for Minorities; Business & Technology Expert

Justin J. Shaifer

LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology, Science Show Host & STEM Educator, Blacklist100 Top Thought Leader

Tsedal Neeley

Best Selling Author, Harvard Business School Professor and Keynote Speaker on Globalization and Digital Transformation

Matthew Knowles

Founder, Music World Entertainment Corporation, Author, Male Chest Cancer Survivor (Breast Cancer)

Stephanie J. Creary, Ph.D.

Identity and Diversity Expert, Founding Faculty Member of the Wharton IDEAS Lab

Leanne Pitsford

Entrepreneur Speaker, CEO & Founder of Lesbians Who Tech, Technology and Economics Thought Leader

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