Event Planning Professionals Call BigSpeak For the Best

Want to drop jaws are your next event? Event planning professionals say the sure-fire way is to bring in a killer keynote speaker. NorthStar Meeting Group, a world-class event planning company, knows the importance of an entertaining and thought-provoking keynote speaker. A great keynote speaker can set an uplifting and positive tone for what’s to come… and a bad keynote speaker will make sure half your audience slips out the door before you get to the meat of the meeting.

After surveying the top speakers bureaus in the nation NorthStar Meeting Group has found the most engaging keynote speakers in the business. Making the list are BigSpeak exclusives, Matthew Luhn, Robyn Benincasa, and Srinivas Rao.

Matthew Luhn, former Pixar storyteller, animator, and expert branding keynote speaker, has been recognized for his humor and genuineness on stage, as well as his impactful marketing and branding training with CEOs, marketing teams, directors, and other professionals. He teaches any corporate audience the importance of storytelling in business while providing them with the tools to shape their own company’s brand.

Then there’s Srinivas Rao, who founded Unmistakable Media to bring creativity back to the workforce to help your company stand out in an oversaturated marketplace. His podcast, three books, media company, and keynote speaking all work to help you be the most distinct and interesting version of yourself and your business.

Of course, adventure racing champion, firefighter, and motivational speaker Robyn Benincasa made the list as well. She founded Project Athena, a non-profit dedicated to helping women who have experienced trauma reach their most audacious adventure goals. From competing with a world-class adventure racing team to saving lives with her firehouse Robyn is an expert on teamwork and leadership. In her powerhouse keynote, she builds a stronger company culture through proven team -building skills.

To see the comprehensive list check out NorthStar’s website.