Find Your Business Niche to Survive and Thrive in Your Industry

How do you reach the next level in today’s business world? In the updated edition of From Impossible to Inevitable, keynote speaker and sales expert Aaron Ross shows companies what they need to grow faster and sustain their hypergrowth. The key, Ross says, is for companies to find and exploit their niche to help consumers.

There’s too much noise in today’s business world, Ross says. There’s too much choice for consumers to sort through and too much information for companies to keep up with. While many argue consumers are better informed and with more choices than ever before, Ross says that’s not the case. In reality, consumers are more confused than ever. Company employees aren’t much better. Workers are overwhelmed with all the information they must keep up with.

Ross says one of the solutions is for companies to better focus on defining their ideal customer. They need to find out how their customers think and then speak their language, reaching out to them by video to cut through the clutter.

If you wish to learn more about how your company can grow faster, check out the revised edition of From Impossible to Inevitable. It’s well worth the read for companies wishing to handle their hypergrowth.