Former FBI Agent Eric O’Neill on Cybersecurity During a Pandemic

Cybersecurity risks are at an all-time high. Historically, cyber terrorists and hackers have taken advantage of national and world crises, knowing the demand for information is high and the public’s common sense is low. They infiltrate your systems through the guise of a public service announcement or an email that looks like it contains the latest information on the crisis at hand. 

During any other crisis, your company’s data is protected from even the most alluring phishing attempts with anti-malware detection and security software systems. But what happens when the crisis at hand forces people around the world to work from home, using unprotected personal devices? 

This is the uncertain reality we face. Right now, we have the perfect storm for cyber threats—a pandemic and political unrest driving a rapid spread of information, and an entire workforce using ill-equipped computers and software. 

National Cybersecurity Strategist at VMWare Carbon Black and Former FBI Agent  Eric O’Neill is here to help you and your team understand cyber threats, prepare for a potential attack, and create better practices that maximize your company’s safety. 

He will virtually visit your company to explain the strategies most cyber hackers use so you can spot the attempts when you see them. He will also give your team tangible tips to help identify and deal with a cyber attack. 

According to O’Neill, being active instead of reactive in fortifying your cybersecurity will save you time and money, as well as your reputation when it comes to client privacy. With the creativity of cyber hackers nowadays you need professional help to protect you from an attack. Hackers are now scanning social media pages to create personalized attacks hiding behind the information they know you find important. 

Once you’ve been hacked, you may not even know it. Sometimes hackers lie dormant in your system to see how much information they can gather before they make themselves known in the form of ransom, extortion, blackmail, or another nefarious way. 

Let O’Neill protect even your most tech-challenged team members with easy to understand steps towards safety on a company-wide level. As well as steps for your individual employees can take on a day-to-day level to keep your data safe during this pandemic and beyond.