Habit Expert James Clear Explains How to Get Back Into the Work Groove

How do you get back into your work groove? Keynote speaker and bestselling author of Atomic Habits James Clear recently explained on his latest CBS morning show appearance. 

Yes, it’s true, James was talking about how to get school kids back into good study habits after the summer, but the same two techniques can be used for anyone who needs to focus on work. So if you’re finding it difficult to get started, try habit stacking and priming your environment.

Habit stacking

Habit stacking works by attaching a new habit to a habit you already have. Say, for example, you have coffee every morning. You can say to yourself, after I make my coffee, I’ll sit down at my desk and go through my morning email. By combining your coffee habit to the start of work, you’ll be more likely to get in the work groove.

Prime the environment

The second thing you can do is prime your environment. The environment is just as important when it comes to getting back into your work groove. You can make your work area more conducive to starting work or more distracting.

For example, you could prime your computer for work. The web browser on your computer could just have work-related links on it, so you won’t be tempted to go to Facebook, Reddit, etc. And you could take off games, so you won’t turn on your computer and be tempted to finish your half-finished game of solitaire.

To learn more systems to be successful in your goals, watched the CBS appearance, read Atomic Habits, or book him for your next event.