How To Heal Through Writing

Empowerment speaker, actress, and author Reema Zaman put her truths on paper and ended up connecting to millions with a bestselling memoir. However, wonderful as it is to touch people’s lives, that was never her focus. Her memoir, I Am Yours, takes readers on a journey through her childhood growing up as an immigrant in a suspicious world and into her adulthood navigating a man’s world in the entertainment industry. For Zaman, revisiting and writing about her past traumas was about healing and transforming.

Through the process of exploring and understanding her trauma and how it affects the way she lives as an adult, she was able to change her life. She sees her memoir as giving the time and attention needed to move past the trauma, and believes it has helped her creating healthier habits in her life, steering her away from self-destructive and traumatic situations.

To learn about how you can use the power of the written world to help you understand and heal from past traumas, read the full article here.