Jonathan Wygant, BigSpeak CEO and Founder, to Speak at SABER Event

BigSpeak Founder and CEO, Jonathan Wygant, will be speaking tomorrow, October 13, from 8-10 am, for the Santa Barbara Executive Roundtable organization (SABER)  at the University Club. The theme for this event is The Exuberant Company: Keeping Passion, Purpose, and People Fully Alive in Your Organization.

Santa Barbara Executive Roundtable is a business educator organization that seeks to enhance the professional lives and skills of local business leaders. Meetings include an educational presentation from local industry experts who are renowned in their respective fields. In addition to being an educational event, Santa Barbara Executive Roundtable also offers extensive networking opportunities for attendees.  

Jonathan Wygant first envisioned BigSpeak while at a retreat at Esalen in Big Sur. The company was originally called Consciousness Unlimited and the aim was to raise corporate consciousness among individuals both personally and professionally. Wygant jokes that no one could spell consciousness and even fewer people wanted to buy it. Consciousness Unlimited rebranded at the dawn of the new millennium and was renamed BigSpeak, and soon thereafter the company we know today began to take shape. The team also jokes that once the company’s initials were changed to B.S. they began making a profit.

Since its early beginnings in Big Sur, BigSpeak has become the largest business-oriented agency/consultancy in North America. The company currently serves 65% of Fortune 1000 companies worldwide and represents an extensive roster of business speakers, best-selling authors, world-class athletes, and award-winning entertainers.

BigSpeak and Santa Barbara Executive Roundtable share the common goal of educating and enhancing the personal and professional lives of business leaders, which makes Jonathan Wygant a natural fit to speak at SABER’s event.

Wygant says, “One of our taglines [at BigSpeak] is ‘Lock in the Learning’, which speaks to the process of embedding or reinforcing the message of the keynote and consultation into the behavioral matrix of the client’s culture. I believe we are in the wisdom provision business as it relates to personal, professional, and organizational growth and change.”

His presentation tomorrow will parse out the key steps to forming and leading a dynamic, successful, and adaptable team in an ever-changing corporate culture. Wygant knowingly assures that this begins with establishing a vision that is compelling and larger than life–one that your team believes in and contribute to each day.

Next, is finding individuals who have fire in their bellies, who work well collaboratively as a team, and then figuring out which team members work best in which operational functions. In order for team members to thrive, Jonathan explains that it is also important to provide an equal balance of direction and autonomy.

Finally, as a team leader, it is important to lead with emotional intelligence, exuberance, and passion. Jonathan will tell you how best to nurture these qualities and, if you do so effectively, they will permeate down through your team members.

Jonathan invites you to, “come prepared to learn, grow, and participate in a dynamic morning of exuberant exploration.” Or in other words: come prepared to Lock in the Learning.


Purchase tickets in advance here for $35. Tickets will also be available for $40 at the door.

Doors open at 8 am for networking, and the presentation begins promptly at 8:30 am.

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