José Morey on AI and STEM: Panomics, Puerto Rico, and Predictions

BigSpeak’s keynote speaker and resident Intergalactic Doctor José Morey has been breaking the news lately with cutting edge theories about healthcare, AI, and the future of STEM. As an expert on the Forbes Technology Council, he is relied upon to predict and propel the technology and healthcare industries into the future. 

He recently published three articles on Forbes that make big and promising predictions in the world of healthcare. 

In the first piece, he discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)  contribute to healthcare and the science behind the human body. He also explains where the future of healthcare is going and how AI and ML will play a large role in taking health and disease prevention to the next level. 

In a later article, he analyzes the devastation of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria wiped out their economy in 2017. But their future is looking up. Based on the amount of startups popping up in the past few years, Morey believes there is a massive opportunity for this little island to become the next Silicon Valley. 

He also covers buzzworthy tech trends that will change the way consumers live and interact with their health. From connected mirrors to application performance monitoring to your health becomes much less of a mystery.

To learn more about the future of healthcare and technology read Morey’s articles on Forbes.