Molly Bloom’s Step-by-Step Playbook for Success

Entrepreneur and Best Selling author Molly Bloom is one of our most valuable and highest booked speaking partners, sharing her insights with audiences around the globe, from new graduates to high-powered corporate executives. As someone who has experienced both great triumphs and failure, she’s especially qualified to speak on success and what it can take to bring your dreams to fruition.

Bloom recently shared her in-depth playbook of some of the steps she takes when working towards her goals. Wherever a person is in their career, her playbook is bound to include methods they can apply to their own journeys for success.

Molly urges that you:

  •  Unequivocally Believe in Yourself
    •  Unsurprisingly, success is unlikely to come for those who surrender to self-doubt.
    •  Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck worked with children in underperforming school districts to identify the connection between refusing to give up on yourself until you arrive at your desired outcome. The students she worked with achieved massive leaps forward in their performance in exams, all thanks to being their own biggest cheerleaders and advocates.
    • Molly, a former child athlete and Winter Olympics hopeful, can speak to this effect, having spent a year of her childhood in a full-body brace and being told by doctors and coaches she would never ski again. She made the US Ski Team 8 years later under her own steam, changing her inner narrative over and over until the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals became her default. 
  • Weaponize Rationality to Overcome Fear
    •  Anxiety is a normal and common response to the thought of risk-tasking, but you can’t let it hold you back.
    •  We as a species are no longer constantly besieged by threats from predators, and so our fear response instead becomes a direct obstacle to success.
    •  A combination of meditation, breath-work, and “courage practice” can prime you to take calculated risks and reduce your fears of failure and rejection, which in turn will allow you to move forward and achieve success.
    • Bloom’s first ever public speaking experience saw her presenting awards in front of a crowd of A-listers, taking the stage shortly after Helen Mirren. Though nervous, she pulled through and went on to make a career out of it.
  • Cultivate Power Through Self Accountability
    •  Molly was a 26 year-old from a tiny town in Colorado when she was navigating the world of celebrities, politicians and high-rolling billionaires, completely out of her element, and she had to learn quickly how to stay true to herself. 
    • By taking time at the end of each day to perform a character assessment and determining if she had upheld her values and actively helped others, Bloom centered and cemented herself as a strong and principled person, allowing her to move confidently through a foreign sphere.
  • Understand the Advantages of Being an Underdog
    • Bloom argues that resilience and tenacity win out in the end over talent, qualifications, and connections.
    •  Resilience can be accomplished through the same methods discussed above in the sections on overcoming fear and cultivating power, and is a vital resource for anyone seriously committed to achieving their goals.
    • In Molly’s own life, she used resilience and tenacity when forming her own poker game from scratch, building a multi-million dollar empire. 
  • Find Allies and Become One Yourself
    • Molly reminds us that while resilience might win out over connections in the long run, success can’t be achieved alone.
    • It is critical to surround yourself with supporters as well asuplift others in your field; this is especially true for those who come from “outsider groups.” A strong support network can mean everything when it comes to reaching your goals.
  • Cultivate Varied Relationships
    •  Authenticity and an understanding of EQ will enable you to make connections with people from every walk of life; and as highlighted above, strong relationships with others are a key factor in finding success.
    •  Molly’s  social circles have included everyone from waitresses to award-winning actors and directors, event planners to marketers to the uber-wealthy and influential. Each bond you create with an individual presents opportunities for learning and growth, in turn priming you to achieve greater and greater things.
  • And Finally… Know How to Pivot
    •  So you’ve succeeded in your venture. Great! However, chances are high that if you’re the kind of person who has made it this far, before long you’ll be turning your hand to another project or goal.
    •  Be excited about this! A new project is a new adventure, a new opportunity for growth, new developments of the self.
    •  Make sure you maintain a curious and diligent attitude, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to your next big venture.

With these insights and tricks in your back pocket, you’ll be more equipped to pursue success, whether it be in a business or personal venture.

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