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Johnny Cupcakes

Apparel Designer & A BusinessWeek #1 Entrepreneur Under 25

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Speaker Johnny Cupcakes’ Key Accomplishments Include…

If you dream of inspiring cult-like brand loyalty—the kind that involves mile-long queues and even permanent tattoos—Johnny Cupcakes is for you. The founder of the world-renowned tee-shirt brand Johnny Cupcakes, Johnny’s known for helping other people create blueprints for building brand loyalty, creating memorable experiences, and inspiring innovation.

With global store openings, thousands of customers with his logo tattooed on themselves, people who camp out for his products, and high-profile collaborations with giants such as The Simpsons, Power Rangers, and Nickelodeon, Johnny was named America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur by Business Week, Top Innovator in Retail by The Boston Globe, and featured in INC magazine as the CEO of one of the world’s fastest growing independent businesses.

Despite being in one of the most difficult product categories to stand-out in, and a founder of a brand when he was just 19 years old, Johnny’s solution to his business challenges was to create such a unique brand experience that his customers would loyally line-up around the block, time and time again, just to be able to sport his logo on their clothing.

Since then, through his talks and creative consulting, Johnny has shared his strategies with clients that include Apple, L’Oreal, Disney, IBM, Audi, Harvard University, Wieden+Kennedy, Marriott, and P&G.

Also a TEDx speaker, Johnny has been featured in media such as MTV, NPR, Forbes, WIRED, Newsweek, and as a case study in several branding and business books.

More About Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle:
In 2001, Earle dropped out of music college after just two weeks. On a lark, he made a T-shirt with an image of a cupcake atop a pair of cross bones. The trenchantly iconic design got noticed and people started asking to buy his tees. Earle began selling them out of the trunk of his ’89 Camry and later at what he calls his “cupperware parties” and trade shows. “Guys think it’s funny and girls think it’s cute,” he says.

Today Earle has three Boston-area retail stores, a headquarters in Weymouth MA, and a fourth retail outlet on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. His limited-edition shirts and accessories are also sold in select stores in Paris, The Netherlands, Canada, and Scotland.

Earle, who hired his mother as his accountant, insists on using only high quality shirts manufactured in the U.S. and refuses to advertise or sell in chain stores, preferring to focus on his own stores. “I always turn down offers from investors and retail stores; some people say I’m crazy.” In 2008 Businessweek wrote, “His shops look like Willy Wonka-inspired bakeries, with vintage ovens serving as shelves that shoot fake steam. Instead of bags, purchases are put into bakery-style boxes. Earle says 600 people lined up for his Melrose store opening and he sold $29,000 in goods that day.” In 2011, the store’s revenue was $5.2 million.

Testimonials 13

  • Johnny has ‘creativity-as-a-business strategy’ nailed and he’s able to turn it into a talk which is so coherent and thoughtful that even a bean counter would understand why creativity is the most powerful, yet untapped force in business today.

    Lewis Schiff


  • At our annual company inspiration day, Johnny inspired me to have more fun with my company!


  • Johnny is a supreme storyteller. Engaging, funny and real, the advice he imparts is relevant and practical to everyone from students to top CEO’s. I’ve never seen an audience so charged with passion!

    The Works – Sydney, Australia

  • Johnny is an energetic and excellent speaker that is highly engaging. Our entire team from corporate to dealer left the room benefiting from easy-to-implement best practices!

    Nathalie Carpenter

    Marketing Manager, Audi

  • Johnny held the attention of every person in the room! Many members in the audience were long-time business owners who commented that even though they have been in business for years, they learned quite a bit from his presentation!

    Vice President and Director The Quincy Chamber of Commerce

  • With tales of entrepreneurial derring-do, Johnny Cupcakes speaks with passion, insight and hard-earned experience. This is business building from the horse’s mouth.

    Creative Director Momentum Worldwide

  • Johnny was an excellent speaker — informative, funny and inspiring. His personal story and experience were interesting, and the broader relevance of following one’s passion to achieve success!

    Managing Director Wieden+Kennedy

  • “Run – don’t walk – to hire Johnny to speak at your event! The recipe is simple: mix equal parts incredible story and unbridled energy; add dashes of humor, creativity and passion; sprinkle with joyful nuttiness…and what you and your attendees are left with is an hour they will never forget. Pump up your own team; wow an external audience- there are so many settings where this man will ABSOLUTELY CRUSH IT.”

    Rob Dunn

    Sales Manager, Streamline Events, Inc.

  • “If you are looking for an out-of -the-box thinker that can engage seasoned professionals along with young adults through his road to success story, Johnny Cupcakes is your guy! We are still getting positive feedback! 5 STARS!”

    Tabetha Franklin

    Vice President of Marketing, Mobiloil Credit Union

  • “We have worked with over 1,000 speakers over the last 12 years, and can safely say that Johnny Cupcakes is one of our favorites! Sincere, down-to-earth, motivational––a true pleasure to watch and a crowd favorite!”

    Shawn Pucknell

    Director, FITC & NXNE Interactive

  • “When Johnny Cupcakes spoke at Inc’s GROWCO conference, I didn’t know what to expect, but our people assured me he was a good speaker. That turned out to be a drastic understatement. Putting him on the agenda was one of the best decisions!”

    Eric Schurenberg

    Editor-in-Chief, Inc. Magazine

  • We had over 650 attendees at the event. In post-event surveys Johnny scored the highest of all 13 main speakers!

    Tena Rutledge

    Marketing Manager, Fedex

  • Johnny’s stories were entertaining and demonstrated his creativity and sense of fun. The audience was glued to their seats! We received a high amount of compliments about his presentation and style! Johnny Cupcakes has an amazing story, well worth hearing!

    Loren Nalewanski

    Franchising, Marriott International

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