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Alden Mills

Motivational Speaker, Former Navy SEAL Commander, Author, Founder of Perfect Fitness

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    California, USA

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About Speaker Alden Mills…

Alden Mills is a motivational speaker, former Navy SEAL Commander, author, and founder of Perfect Fitness. Odds are that you or someone you work with uses Alden Mills’ inventions. He is a former Navy SEAL platoon commander who has earned more than 40 patents, which have sold over 10 million products (and counting) worldwide. He’s created five #1 ranked infomercials and is the author of BE UNSTOPPABLE: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything.

The company he cofounded and led, Perfect Fitness (e.g., Perfect Pushup, Perfect Ab-Carver, etc.), gained national acclaim through Inc. Magazine as the fastest-growing consumer products business in the United States from 2007 to 2009, with an astounding 12,000%+ grow-rate going from $500k to over $63M in just three years.

For high-impact leadership that’s UNSTOPPABLE: Alden Mills

• A rare speaker who goes beyond motivation to transformation
• Founder/CEO of fastest growing consumer products company
• 3-time Navy SEAL platoon commander
• Author, Be Unstoppable and Build Unstoppable Teams

His mantra is “your only limits are your imagination and determination.” Mills learned his mantra early in life as an uncoordinated, asthmatic who persevered to be a one-time Olympic rowing hopeful before going on to be a three-time #1 ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander. He applied his lessons learned in leading SEAL platoons to building and leading a hyper-growth company.  He has over 25 years of military and business leadership expertise building, leading and innovating with teams.

Mills has a unique background as a seasoned Navy SEAL platoon commander and a high-performance CEO. He has experienced the world’s toughest military training, led extreme teams, invented wildly successful products and yet, he’s failed many more times than he has succeeded.  His messages are inspiring and memorable because they are based on years of perseverance overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

He has been called the modern-day “Zig Zigler” because his first-hand experiences, magnetic presence, riveting story-telling and innovative teaching methodologies. He has developed simple and effective frameworks that help organizations build high functioning team players and leaders that can innovate AND implement.  His sought-after Unstoppable speaking series is transformative and scalable to those organizations seeking continuous improvement. He works with clients to tailor presentations for lasting results.  For Mills, it is all about enabling his audiences to achieve more than what they originally thought was possible. He gives a limited number of speeches a year, please inquire to discuss further.

Testimonials 17

  • Alden Mills exceeded our expectations for our Chairman’s Club Trip—as was evident in the burst of
    applause and standing ovation as he finished. Alden moved seamlessly throughout the attendees, providing
    them with his ear, his experience, his wisdom, and his humility –all while making people smile along the way. I recommend Alden as an extension of any executive team looking to raise the bar at their next conference.

    Mark Garrett

    Executive Chairman, Moors & Cabot, Inc.

  • Outstanding! Alden spoke to our leadership team at a time when inspiration and drive were imperative. His
    ability to transfer the discipline of being a SEAL and that of the entrepreneur was AMAZING! He did an
    unbelievable job in preparing everyone to roll up their sleeves and charge through the remainder of the
    year with absolute commitment. I would highly recommend Alden to anyone who is looking to take their
    business to the next level!

    Denise Hardin

    State Farm Senior Vice President

  • Alden nailed it!! It was the perfect message for our group at the right time for which we are grateful. I
    overheard many positive comments about the difference he made. I honestly feel that Alden helped create a
    life-changing experience for those in attendance.

    Monte Hom

    Co-Founder, World Financial Group

  • Alden delivered exactly what we hoped for and more – he’s authentic, spoke from the heart, and tailored his
    speech to include our conference theme as well as key leaders of my team. He arrived early, stayed late and
    his extra efforts made the difference. His speech connected with the hearts and the minds of my sales
    organization and it showed with a rousing standing ovation . We’d hire him again!

    David Carroll

    Premiere Financial Alliance, CEO and Founder

  • Alden is a dynamic speaker bringing the perfect combination of inspiration and motivation, weaving in
    compelling stories from his time as a Navy SEAL to the CEO of his own company. He is unique in that he
    takes the time to understand your organization, and customizes his delivery to make his message even more
    impactful for your team.

    Kevin Hart

    EVP/Chief Product, and Technology, Cox Communications

  • Alden absolutely knocked it out of the park for our leadership conference. Alden went above and beyond in
    applying himself to learn our company and our business prior to his speaking engagement. And it showed
    up throughout his presentation. He incorporated Cox vision, strategy and objectives throughout his message which made the presentation extremely meaningful. Alden uses his real-life experiences from military and business and he applies energy, humor, humility, and storytelling to bring his experiences to life. Authentic, Inspiring, compelling. Alden is the perfect exclamation point to wrap up a leadership conference !

    Matt Hayes

    Executive Director, Technology Engineering, Cox Communications

  • Inspiring. Alden’s a brilliant storyteller that engages people drawing from personal experiences which anyone can relate to. The team ended up determined to achieve new goals.

    Vicens Marti, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder

    Billy Companies, Spain

  • Authentic and engaging – one of the best speakers we’ve ever had at USAA.

    Carl Liebert, COO


  • In a word: he’s MESMERIZING – HEAD and SHOULDERS better than any speaker we’ve ever hired

    Clydene Hohenrieder, Former President

    GPI Association

  • Alden ROCKS! Finally a speaker who has ‘walked his talk’. We WILL hire him again.

    Heather Chartrand, COO

    Lustre-Cal Corporation

  • Alden delivered exactly what we wanted: a powerful message blended with fascinated stories and our company’s mission to our customers and partners. He nailed it!

    Kathy Visser-May, Chief Marketing Officer


  • Authentic and engaging – one of the best speakers we’ve ever had at USAA.

    Shelley Ibach, President and CEO

    Select Comfort

  • Alden did a tremendous job of relating his Navy SEAL experiences to relay the message of attitude impacting action.

    Richard Felts, President

    Kansas Farm Bureau

  • Alden set the tone—then stole the show. As the feedback shows, he deserves nothing but praise for his spot-on address to our 750+ CEO’s and their executive teams. Alden skillfully transformed their thinking thanks in part to his notable business and military experience.  Quite simply, Alden’s an exceptional speaker, start to finish.  We look forward to hosting him again.

    Verne Harnish

    Chair Fortune Magazine's ScaleUp Summit

  • “The best commencement speaker we’ve had.”


    Case Western School of Medicine

  • “Event planners are always on the lookout for speakers who bring it all—a deep level of focus on the
    audience, frameworks that connect with people, and a ‘fired up!’ attitude. Alden Mills has the whole
    package and an undeniable knack for moving attendees into a place where their full leadership potential is
    possible. During the pre-call, I learned why: Alden applies his own work to his life, every day, looking for
    continuous improvement as a speaker and workshop facilitator. His energy is infectious, his teachings spot-
    on, and his empathy for the audience endless as far as I can tell. Alden models “unstoppable” leadership. I
    will book him again soon.”

    Michael Clarke

    Director/Global Sales B2B Marketing; Events, Americas, Marriott International

  • “Alden Mills is completely entertaining and captivating. He had our entire audience entranced by his amazing stories, all the while we were learning something about ourselves. I came away inspired to achieve,
    motivated to serve, and energized for the next great challenge.”

    Jerry O Roberts

    President, ENTELEC Association

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