Allison Massari

Resilience Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Celebrated Artist

Allison Massari is a top inspirational keynote speaker and expert storyteller in how people can regain courage and confidence against challenges. Massari has been acknowledged as the #1 Rising Star in Speaking by the National Speakers Association along with speaking at TEDx events all over the world.

  • Allison Massari`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Allison Massari`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    California, USA

  • Allison Massari`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Allison Massari`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    California, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Allison Massari

Being hit twice at 60 mph, one where she burned alive, motivational speaker Allison Massari has barely escaped death time after time… and has managed find happiness, motivation, and success from it all.  After everything she’s faced, the award-winning entrepreneur has dedicated her speaking career to transforming peoples’ lives. Her focus is on success, adversity, wellness and well-being, and personal and professional development – equipping her audiences with tools to effectively manage change and challenges.

Voted one of the top ten best motivational speakers in North America by Meetings and Conventions Magazine, Allison Massari’s quintessential story of courage and perseverance resonates with audiences long after an event has finished. Hailed as “life-changing” “riveting” “authentic” “bold” and “deeply moving” Allison instills the essential tools of self-mastery, and teaches how to quickly access grace and resilience in the face of challenges.

Allison Massari has been recognized with esteemed speaking engagements including a main platform keynote at 2013’s Million Dollar Round Table conference (audience of 8,600 from 75 countries), and a TedX event in Spain. She has been featured on ABC News, NBC, and FOX and stars in the award-winning international documentary, Resolve (2015), hosted by the Head of Special Forces for the US Military in Afghanistan, where she teaches solutions to overcome adversity. Her diverse client list includes: Capital One, GE Healthcare IT, LPL Financial, Eli Lilly and Co., HIMSS/CHIME, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Allscripts, and Siemens Healthcare. In 2011, she was voted “#1 Rising Star” by the National Speakers Association based upon her stunning, authentic, and emotional presentations.

A diversified entrepreneur, Ms. Massari has built four enterprising businesses in the past 25 years. Allison’s vision and clarity, her honest and encouraging communication, and her gift in actuating the steps towards her clients’ success, prosperity, well-being, and fulfillment, makes her an invaluable asset. Her bold work has made her a trusted confidante to CEO’s, managers, and employees, equipping them with tools to better manage their lives. In addition to her success as a professional speaker and executive coach, her thriving fine arts business, Massari Fine Arts, LLC, has received commissions from prominent Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Lockheed Martin, and US Airways.

With compassion and sensitivity born from her experiences, Allison shares how to transform any challenge into an opportunity, teaching secrets to create against-all-odds successful outcomes and new beginnings.


Your bravery is astounding. You are completely AMAZING!! Thank you for giving us energy and hope!

Capital One


If you had been at (GEs) Centricity LIVE, you could have seen the three-minute standing ovation that Allison got after her talk yesterday.

Justin Steinman

Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare IT

I have seen and secured many keynotes in my marketing roles, and Allison is a rare treasure. She had the entire audience of executives completely engaged in her every word. She is a master storyteller and the way she delivers her profound message with immense grace, poise, humor and charm is life changing. It is difficult to put into words how deeply her message of kindness and positivity impacts those who hear or meet her. We received rave reviews from our audience and would give her the highest recommendation possible.

Becky de Tenley

Client Marketing Manager, SAS

My job enables me to see world class speakers quite frequently.  Truly, I have never been as moved by a story as I was by yours. Allison, your incredible message of kindness, forgiveness and love was truly delightful and something I think of frequently. You have a heart of gold, and the authenticity with which you convey your message is beautiful.

Senior Relationship Manager and Vice President

Wells Fargo Asset Management

“She was fascinating. I’ve never seen a speaker convey so much emotion with just her eyes. So calm and almost zen-like. Her speech is impactful. I’d definitely recommend her for clients looking to capture messages involving connection, life, pain and empathy.  She was super easy to work with behind the scenes too. Very down to earth.”

Pure Romance


“I watched as the entire room rose to their feet in a standing ovation. Her work is phenomenal, and life altering.”

Global Pharmaceutical Company Ranked 119 on Fortune 500


I am seldom impressed by professional speakers enough to attend their sessions 8 times in 3 months. However that is exactly what I did with Allison. Her words were simple yet penetrating as if I had never heard her before. I have seen her bring her audience to a wholehearted laughter and even tears and that is not an easy feat for any speaker. I never got tired of listening to her.

Senior Manager of Global Continuing Education

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics


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