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Andrew MacLeod

Humanitarian, Government and Business Leader

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Andrew MacLeod is a multi-nationally respected business leader. In the US he sits on the Governance Board of New York based Cornerstone Capital, was on the Advisory Board of US based Sustainable Accounting Standards Board and is an Affiliate Expert to the globe’s leading International Affairs think tank – DC based Centre for Strategic and International Studies. In the UK he Chairs the Advisory Board of Gravitas Capital and is a Senior Adviser to Homestrings PLC and is a visiting professor at Kings College London. In Australia he is the MD of a Superannuation Fund and is a regular commentator in the mainstream media (radio, print and TV).

MacLeod brings a unique knowledge set as a provider of capital through the superannuation fund he manages and the US based bank he is a director of, combined with his past experience as an aid and community worker. MacLeod like few others is well placed to chart a course through the delicate path of profitability and licence to operate.

Why Andrew?

Andrew is a dynamic and engaging speaker who works closely with conference organisers to ensure that his key note is designed and tailored specifically for the audience and to meet the expectations of conference organisers. Andrew does not deliver a standard stump speech, rather each one is tailored for your audience’s need.

The world of finance is changing. Increased transparency both by community advocacy groups and the providers of capital put more and more pressure on companies to understand and adjust their business practices for greater external expectations around community behaviour and social risk. As an experienced business adviser, former member of the Shared Value leadership council at Harvard University, a Visiting Professor at Kings College London and a provider of capital MacLeod can give direction to companies on how to maximise both community performance and profitability.


Leadership and life:
Six wars and numerous natural disasters – Andrew MacLeod has had to deal with them all. Form negotiating with terrorists, to coordinating with military dictators, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Rwanda, East Timor. MacLeod has faced life and death situation for him and for many thousands of people. How did he deal with the circumstances and what lessons can be applied to business and to life.

Global events and terrorism – the challenge of the future:
Andrew Macleod, having negotiated with terrorists and generals understands the motivation, methodology and modus operandi of these groups. He also understands the threats and ways for us to defeat that threat. IF you want to understand the where the world is at and how to map a path way forward, MacLeod is your man.

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