Speaker Chris “Drama” Pfaff

Chris “Drama” Pfaff

Branding Speaker, The Millennials' Entrepreneur

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In 2005, Chris moved out to California shortly after graduating high school to work for his cousin, professional skateboarder/serial entrepreneur Rob Drydek. Observing the actions of his cousin, Chris noticed the power of integrating marketing and product placement through television leading to the creation of his clothing brand Young & Reckless.

Coming from Ohio, Chris acknowledged the lack of cool, accessible brands in Middle America so he wanted to create a brand specifically for this demographic. A stylish, street wear inspired brand for the youth that anyone can get at an affordable price point. Sold in more than 3,000 stores like PacSun, Tilly’s, Macy’s and its online commerce, Young & Reckless has grown exponentially from its start in 2009.

Chris’ plans for Young & Reckless have expanded into media production and the creation of television shows in the near future. Continuously creating content and executing innovative ideas, Chris has begun creating new platforms for himself and the brand with his podcast Short Story Long.

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