Christian Tamburr

CEO and Lead Facilitator of Sonic Leadership - Musical Director, Vibraphonist, Pianist

  • Christian Tamburr`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Christian Tamburr`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    Nevada, USA

  • Christian Tamburr`s Keynote Speaker Fee This reflects Christian Tamburr`s U.S. Speaking Fee

    $10,001 - $20,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    Nevada, USA

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Sonic Leadership

Sonic Leadership is an interactive training/keynote on leadership and team building focusing on  the development of strong team communication (Sound Check), the value of creativity through Diversity ...

Sonic Leadership is an interactive training/keynote on leadership and team building focusing on  the development of strong team communication (Sound Check), the value of creativity through Diversity (Rehearsal) and trust through collaboration (Take the Stage). The presentation itself features 4-5 professional musicians, led by award winning international touring artist/musical director and speaker Christian Tamburr. The high functioning musical team demonstrates and correlates the core attributes of leadership used when preparing for a performance, being creative together as a team, and executing a world class performance each time they step on stage.

Each presentation is tailored specifically to your team for accelerating training and development outcomes.

Our Keynote presentations deliver a high energy-high impact musical performance driving great leadership content and tangible takeaways on the big stage. Our Workshops bring the performance down to a more intimate experience, either as a breakout session during a corporate retreat or right to your company boardroom.


  • ​To establish strong listening and communication skills​
    • How to recognize common interests and skills to benefit team collaboration

    • Invest in diversity and bring cultural influence to your team

    • Learn to share leadership and learn to be a strong follower

    • How to build trust and loyalty through recognition and reward

    • Create success through individual investment of the team objective


Sonic Leadership’s “Enter-trainment” process combines content with the global accessibility of music. By exploring a diverse repertoire of cultural influences and musical genres our presentation has something for everyone, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin American, and even Classical. With music as our content delivery vehicle, we engage both left and right sides of the brain capturing more information while increasing retention by over 80%. With laptops down and PowerPoint off our attendees can engage in an experience that is both enjoyable and educational.


Sonic Leadership’s customizable presentations are designed to fit any company and be delivered to any management level. We work with your company and team to find the most valuable skillsets to present through our unique program yielding the highest impact and take away value.


We always encourage team involvement with multiple interactive exercises throughout the Sonic Leadership program. We want the experience to be one of going to see and hear a concert so jumping up on your feet, clapping your hands, snapping your fingers and even singing is a part of the fun. If your team members play instruments or sing we ask that they bring those instruments with them to the event. We will always find a way of getting everyone involved in learning, leading, and making music together.

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About Keynote Speaker Christian Tamburr

About Speaker Christian Tamburr…

Christian Tamburr is an internationally renowned musician, arranger and musical director with performances and touring in over 65 countries around the world. He is the CEO and facilitator for Sonic Leadership and leads the critically acclaimed Christian Tamburr Quartet, featured recently at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Lincoln Center in NYC and the 2017 Newport Jazz Festival. Christian has worked as Musical Director and Band Leader for Latin vocal legend Julio Iglesias, Las Vegas headliner Clint Holmes, Magicians Penn & Teller, Cirque du Soleil, and Vegas Nocturne’s Rose Rabbit Lie. 

 In 2009 Christian was invited to speak on leadership as a keynote for the Central Florida 4 under 40 awards. It was this event that led him to further develop Sonic Leadership, revealing attributes of leadership a band leader uses when performing on stage and relating it to a corporate audience. “I have spent my entire career working with some of the most talented musicians around the world (sometimes not even speaking the same language) and have been able to drive them to work together, communicate together, create together and bring that hard work out to our audiences.” Musicians work in an analog environment, relying not only on their individual skills and talent, but being able to collaborate, in real time as a high functioning team to reach specific performance goals. Sonic Leadership was founded in 2010 and has since presented its message to companies around the globe. “I’m proud to share a bit of the behind the scenes to how we do what we do, and give people an exciting way to experience leadership through a medium that I’ve been passionate about my entire life.”

 Christian maintains a busy performance schedule bouncing between Sonic Leadership presentations at companies like GOOGLE and Cisco, and headlining at the Newport Jazz Festival or Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola in NYC. As a special guest with Dave Brubeck, private concerts for basketball legend Michael Jordan or Julia Roberts, Christian continues to grow his company to new heights, sharing his love for music and leadership.


” A masterful presentation by the Sonic Leadership Team. You skillfully linked the institution of business with that of music to create and stimulate an important partnership that will advance the pathway of societal and management excellence in this country and beyond.”

Clifford Bragdon

Director and Vice President of the National Aviation and Transportation Center

“Fun presentation that will challenge you to change, adapt, and stretch your business management style”

Del Dukart

Program Manager, CISCO Systems

“A superb event for PNC and Florida Institute of Technology. The crowd was into the music and absorbed the message and the talents of each of the musicians. A truly wonderful night!”

Frank Spitzmiller

Special Assistant to the President - Florida Institute of Technology


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