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David Tyreman

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About Speaker David Tyreman…

WARNING: Engaging kickass keynote speaker and award-winning author David Tyreman will delight your audience with humor, wit and charm as he seeks to demonstrate the unthinkable — that you’re NOT in the business YOU THOUGHT you were! Listen at your own peril, and suffer the consequences of ending up with a kickass brand that’s absolutely CRUSHING IT!

Why David Tyreman

David Tyreman has a unique talent.  He has the uncanny ability to quickly uncover a company’s hidden brand DNA, and use it to help any business break free from the pack!  It’s how he turned a truly awful idea into a huge success.  It’s why CEOs invite him to consult with their management teams year after year.  And it’s why audiences — even those people who arrive ready to nod off or make dinner plans on their cell phones — wind up hanging on every word.  David is more than a compelling speaker.  He has the rare ability to communicate totally new ideas in a FUN way that people just seem to “GET.”   Of course, the fact that he possesses a quick wit, engaging style and charming English accent doesn’t hurt.

Seriously, David’s uncanny, unorthodox and inspiring approach for helping entrepreneurial start ups, personal brands and Fortune 500s crack their brand DNA has made him one of the most sought-after keynote speakers and consultants in the nation. Author of ‘World Famous – How to Create a Kick-Ass Brand,’ and founder of WorldFamousCompany.com, David has been described as the “Rosetta Stone for brand building.”

His own entrepreneurial itch surfaced in 1987 while on holiday in the U.S. The energetic Englishman loved it here so much that he vowed to return with an idea that would take America by storm – to sell English antiques through hosted parties the way people peddled Tupperware. “The parties were awesome,” he vividly recalls. “People drank our wine, ate the cheese, but never touched our pricey antiques.”

Down to his last $20, David and his partner had one final Antique Party scheduled at his Aunt Beryl’s home in Arcadia, California. “Thankfully, she had a neighbor who felt like showing off a bit and he purchased our entire $5,000 inventory!” he said. “I was doing back flips and cartwheels… we didn’t sleep all night.”

Fast-forward seven years, and what began as a failed idea had morphed into a Visual Branding & Merchandising juggernaut called Propaganda. The company packaged and sold handpicked vintage and modern props – from mountain bikes to old typewriters, suitcases and alike – as highly thematic, story telling props for such retail giants as Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Banana Republic.

Awash in success, and attracting a boatload of free media for their whacky, but memorable branding methods, the company purchased a 27,000 square-foot warehouse in San Francisco – the largest live/work lofted warehouse in the city. After topping $20 million in annual sales, David sold the business to his partner and launched the World Famous Company LLC in 2000. Based in Las Vegas, he’s been joyfully creating kickass brands and sharing what he learned both as a consultant and popular keynote speaker ever since.

Testimonials 5

  • “As a conference producer and PR professional, I found David to be extremely smart and on point with his subject. He had lots of important information for any brand who wants to scale and inspire its customers. In addition to presenting great points for brands, he was entertaining, funny and inspiring – a rare combo for a keynote speaker. An A+ for any top level program.”

    Mina Trujillo

    Chraft PR

  • “Your brand is one of the most important assets you can develop. David Tyreman is a high energy, dynamic speaker, he reveals his key strategies for discovering your brand and how to stand out in a crowded field.”

    Annette Alvarez-Peters

    Asst. Vice President/GMM, Beverage Alcohol, DipWSET, CWE, Costco Wholesale

  • “David Tyreman is one of the country’s best strategic branders – there is no one else better for bringing your brand to life and giving it a personality. Awesome job David thank you so much!”

    Sommer Meyer

    CSS Bacardi National Accounts, West & Southwest

  • “David’s Brand DNA keynote speech hit the bullseye, informative, exciting and entertaining. David helps you get to grips with your own brand and see how and where to apply what you learn for best results.”

    Gwen Chapell

    Director of Beverage Sourcing, Global Procurement, MGM Resorts International

  • “David led our early team through a two-day intensive workshop to help us establish the foundation of our companies brand, that work stands out among the most impactful and enduring in our company’s history.”

    Guy Suter

    Co-Founder/CEO, Trove

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