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Inspiring Author, Attorney, Motivator and Success Coach

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Francine Ward’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Francine Ward – lawyer, author, coach, professional speaker – helps people overcome the biggest obstacle in the way of their success – Themselves – one Esteemable Act at a time. Francine Ward uses her own compelling personal story of being a drug addicted, alcoholic prostitute with a 1% chance of survival, to show that regardless of where you come from or what your personal challenges may be, that anything is possible If you are willing to get out of your own way.

Motivational speaker, life coach and attorney, Francine Ward has overcom obstacles most people would consider impossible. Francine Ward’s life reads like a great American novel; The kind where the heroine overcomes incredible odds, and then turns around to help others do the same.

At fourteen, Francine Ward was a heroin addict and a practicing alcoholic – today she’s over twenty years clean and sober.
At eighteen, Francine Ward was a high school dropout who lived homeless on the streets of New York – today she’s a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and owns her own home in California.

At twenty-one, Francine Ward was a prostitute selling her body to support her drug and alcohol habits – today she’s a lawyer, a successful entrepreneur, a loving wife, and a twice-published author.

At twenty-six, Francine Ward was hit by a car and told she’d never walk again – in her early forties, she ran two marathons.
At twenty-eight, Francine Ward was selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed – today her amazing life is about being of service to others.

With the help of a powerful support group, tools for living, and a sincere willingness to do the Work, Francine Ward has found her way home. A successful lawyer, author, professional speaker, and self-esteem coach, Francine Ward proves that regardless of where you start in life, You get to create a new ending to your own story.

Francine Ward is the author of Esteemable Acts: 10 Actions for Building Real Sef-Esteem, 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts:A Guide to Right Living, and The Staying Legal Guide to Copyright & Trademark Protection.

Hers is a story of resilience, endurance, and a faith that works under all conditions. Francine Ward proves that success in life is not just about having confidence, or having the right pedigree, it’s about being making right choices and being willing to overcome the inevitable obstacles that are bound to get in your way. Drawing on her many life experiences, Francine shows that the jury is still out on YOUR life. Her unbelievably candid message, practical strategies and fresh ideas will force you to examine, re-assess and reframe your life events to realize the greatness that shines within you.

More About Francine Ward
Francine Ward comes to the table with a unique blend of competencies, making her a viable choice for almost any event. As a business woman, Francine Ward knows what it’s like to run her own company, manage staff and deal with day-to-day issues that arise. As a Georgetown educated lawyer, Francine Ward understands the importance of protecting valuable intellectual property. She also possesses the skills often required to make tough business decisions and the ability to negotiate when necessary. As a business coach, Francine Ward grasps the need for effective and appreciative listening skills. As someone who lived many lives, it’s been said that Francine Ward, “has the uncanny ability to understand the human condition at a very deep level.” Finally, as a professional speaker, Francine Ward possesses the skill to effectively put her thoughts and feelings into words and creating images her varied audiences can understand.

Francine Ward’s message and approach are simple but profound: focus on taking positive, life-affirming action, set a goal for where you want to be, create a plan for making it happen, don’t let obstacles get you down, ask for help along the way and the results will follow.

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  • “Francine Ward’s life is a testament to the fact that the most important thing we can do is to love ourselves and be fully authentic; only then can miracles happen.”

    Jack Canfield

    Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and co-founder of the National Associate for Self-Esteem

  • “Francine was absolutely fabulous! We had an extremely high level of “high” and “very high” ratings for her on our post event survey.  I would not hesitate to recommend her.  The audience appreciated that she was “real” and was able to make a true connection with the audience by tellling her story of triumph.  It was very motivational. “

    Deirdre Smith

    Capital One,

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