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Best Selling Author, Healer, Oprah Contributor

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Gary Zukav’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
For years, Gary Zukav has conveyed the most complex insights in a language all can understand. Over and over, he challenges us to see the depth of our potential in the world…and act on that awareness. After publication of his revolutionary work, The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav emerged as one of our most important leaders in the world of spiritual development.

Gary Zukav is the author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers. The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics, plumbed the depths of quantum physics and relativity, winning The American Book Award for Science. The Seat of the Soul led the way to seeing the alignment of the personality and the soul as the fulfillment of life and captured the imagination of millions, becoming the #1 New York Times bestseller thirty-one times and remaining on the New York Times bestseller list almost three years. Soul Stories as well as The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness and The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice , both co-authored with Linda Francis, also became New York Times bestsellers.

Gary Zukav provides penetrating insights that illuminate our lives. Combining true spirituality with profound psychological insight, Gary Zukav answers many of the most important questions about life that anyone could ask. In answering these questions, he helps us increase our awareness not only of who we are—but who we can become.

More About Gary Zukav. . .

Gary Zukav questions the Western model of the soul, alleging that the human species is in the midst of a great transformation, evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses–“external power”–to one that pursues power based upon perceptions of the soul–“authentic power.” Gary Zukav believes that humans are immortal souls first, physical beings second, and that once we become conscious of this transformation–once we align our personalities with our soul–we will stimulate our spiritual growth and become better people in the process. This insightful, lucid synthesis of modern psychology and new-age principles has been described as the “physics of the soul.” Who better to explain such heady concepts than Gary Zukav?

Gary Zukav can help audiences evolve into multi-sensory beings, who “value love more than the physical world.” As shown in The Dancing Wu Li Masters, his bestselling exploration of physics, Gary Zukav has a gift for presenting complex, even mind-boggling concepts in clearly worded and reasoned logic. He leads audiences on an inspirational and potentially life-changing journey into the seemingly intangible realm of the spirit. Gary Zukav explains why increased sensory perception will mark the next phase of human evolution, how the power of choice can change your existence, and what you can do to infuse your life with more compassion, trust, and understanding.

Gary Zukav is a co-founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute, Fellow of the World Business Academy and Elder on the Council of Elders, Native American Earth Ambassadors. He is a former member of the Club of Budapest and has served on the Editorial Board of the former East-West Review: Business News for the Perestroika Era; the Literary Advisory Board, Earth Day 1990; as chair of the Government and Politics Strategy Group, Campaign for the Earth; and on the Advisory Boards of EarthSave, Intuition Network, Humanity Federation and LearnScience. Gary Zukav is a recipient of the World Business Academy Pathfinder Award and the Einstein Award from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for Contributions to the Psychosocial Growth of Humanity, among others.

Gary Zukav is a graduate of Harvard with a degree in International Relations; a former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer with Vietnam service and a grandfather. His spiritual partner is Linda Francis, also a co-founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute.

His gentle presence, humor and wisdom have endeared Gary Zukav to millions of viewers through his many appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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  • “Gary Zukav is simple, clear, wise and profound. A must for anyone dedicated to the growth of soul in their lives.”

    Ellen Burstyn

    Academy Award-winning actress and author of Lessons in Becoming Myself

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