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Jack Andraka

National Geographic Emerging Explorer, TED Speaker, Teen Innovator, Citizen Scientist

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Jack Andraka is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer who speaks to audiences of youths and adults all across the globe about his personal story, research, and his ideas for STEM education reform and fostering innovation and creativity. His journey began at age fifteen when, after losing a close family friend to pancreatic cancer, he invented an inexpensive early detection method for pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer that costs 3 cents and takes 5 minutes to run. Now studying electrical engineering and anthropology at Stanford, Andraka conducts research on nanorobots, inexpensive biosensors, disease diagnostics, and global health interventions while serving as faculty at the Stanford Anesthesiology Summer Institute. Outside of research, Jack has worked on combining anthropology, engineering, and big data to address pressing global health challenges, particularly in the monitoring of environmental contaminants and disease outbreaks.

Andraka’s groundbreaking results have earned him international recognition, most notably a 2014 Jefferson Award, the nation’s most prestigious public service award, the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award, the Out 100, White House Champion of Change in Open Science, Time Magazines 30 under 30, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, and Advocate Magazine’s 40 under 40 award.

In addition, Andraka was First Lady Michelle Obama’s personal guest at the 2013 State of the Union Address. He has been featured in several documentaries including Morgan Spurlock’s Sundance Film Festival entry, “You Don’t Know Jack,” Linda Peters’ award-winning film, “Just Jack,” and the online version of Ken Burns’ “The Emperor of All Maladies”, as well as 60 Minutes, The Colbert Report, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, BBC, Fox, Rede Record de Televisão, and radio, newspaper, and magazine articles around the world.

Andraka speaks at a wide variety of locations including universities, schools, technology organizations and corporations, hospitals and the education sector in over 40 countries. Notable venues include a mainstage TED talk, 19 TEDx talks, a panelist at the annual Clinton Global Initiative, and a X-Prize Foundation Visioneer. His audiences range from youth—children and teens- to adults interested in using their creativity and curiosity to change the world.

Andraka also runs programs for mentoring disadvantaged LGBT youth in STEM fields. He is a member of both the Junior and U-23 national kayaking teams and placed in the top 20 at the U-23 Wildwater Kayaking World Championships.

Andraka’s inspiring and compelling memoir, Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator Is Changing the World (HarperCollins), delves into the challenges and triumphs he faced on the road to his revolutionary discovery.  He aims to inspire young people, who he argues are the most innovative.

Testimonials 9

  • “Jack Andraka was the epitome of a professional. His presence was felt by all – and he inspired a great deal of folks in our audience. Jack’s presentation skills paired with his etiquette really blew many of us away.”

    Boston Scientific

  • “Jack did a fantastic job at the MEDA Annual Conference.  He was prompt, engaged, poised, and, of course, knowledgable about his subject.  He handled the Q&A session with ease.  Bottom line is he really wowed the audience.  We highly recommend Jack as a speaker for other organizations.”

    Executive Director

    Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA)

  • “Jack is an energetic, charistmatic presenter that delivers take home value for adults and  inspiration for teens.”

    YPO, Orange County Chapter

  • Jack’s presentation was very much aligned with the purpose and the goals of the event. It was a great success!

    Tecnológico de Monterrey

  • “He did an eight-minute presentation on the research he’d done and what he discovered,” Spurlock says, “and after I watched that I was like, ‘This guy is fantastic. I need to make a film about him.”

    Morgan Spurlock

    Documentary Filmmaker

  • This kid is the Edison of our times. There are going to be a lot of light bulbs coming from him

    Dr. Anirban Maitra

    Johns Hopkins University, The Baltimore Sun

  • [N]ot only interesting, but beautifully honest…Jack’s life unfurls with the…realities of growing up that, at times, conflict with identity and awareness, self- esteem, and self-worth [and] are openly shared with the reader. Andraka is certainly an inspiration beyond his generation.

    USA Today

  • Jack’s presentation to the Best in Nation App Challenge winning teams,  was a great addition to the evening’s agenda. It was obvious by the complete attention the teens in the audience gave Jack during his talk and their excitement about meeting him in person and having their picture taken later with this new celebrity, that his experiences amazed and delighted them. He told his story with humor and detail that opened the audience’s eyes to what can be achieved when someone so young believes anything is possible. We would be happy to invite Jack to present again in the future as his message helps other bright teenagers see the benefits of pursuing STEM interests and consider careers in STEM-related fields

    Phil Puthumana

    Program Manager, Global Corporate Citizenship, Verizon

  • So listen to this story. When pancreatic cancer took the life of Jack Andraka’s close family friend, it inspired Jack to look for new ways to improve detection.  So Jack requested space from research labs to pursue his work—nearly two hundred times.  Two hundred times he asked.  Two hundred times he was turned down.  Finally, with the help of some folks at Johns Hopkins, he got the research facilities that he needed, developed a pancreatic cancer test that is faster, cheaper and more sensitive than the test that came before it — which is not bad for a guy who is just barely old enough to drive . . . That’s pretty spectacular stuff. That’s great work.  I don’t know what you guys were doing when you were juniors in high school. That’s what Jack is doing. Better than I was doing, I promise you.

    President Barack Obama

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