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Jones Loflin

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    North Carolina, USA

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More About James Loflin:

Jones Loflin has made it his life’s work to deliver powerful ideas and practical solutions to individuals around the world so they can achieve more of what is most important to them. His books are described as “illuminating” and his presentations as “unforgettable.” In his 21 years as a speaker and trainer he has helped countless people regain confidence in their ability to achieve greater success in work and life.

Why Jones Loflin

  • Deliver powerful ideas that inspire individuals and organizations to change behaviors.
  • Offer practical solutions for workplace challenges of motivation, change, time management, work/life balance and productivity.
  • Personal approach before, during, and after the presentation. All programs are customized to the client’s specific needs and objectives. Every member of the audience will feel as if Jones is talking directly to them… and will leave with the tools to take their work and life to the next level.

Jones’ “3P Approach” of Powerful Ideas connected to Practical Solutions delivered with a Personal Approach has attracted the attention of organizations around the world. His client list includes Federal Express, Wal-Mart, Choice Hotels, Volvo Cars, Bridgestone, American Farm Bureau and State Farm as well as the United States Navy and Air Force.

Looking for ways to expand the reach of his message, Jones chose to become an author. Juggling Elephants is a witty and profound parable about one man’s search for solutions for the struggle of too much do. The book is available in the US and over 14 countries. He is also the author of Getting The Blue Ribbon, a unique story offering simple strategies to get better results in your work and life. His newest book, Getting to It, is receiving rave reviews as a field guide to accomplishing what is most important.

Prior to becoming an internationally-recognized speaker, Jones was an educator. His past work also includes serving as the “Trainer of Trainers” for the best-selling book, Who Moved My Cheese? He holds a BS and M.Ed. from North Carolina State University and is currently pursuing his MBA. He is a member of the National Speaker’s Association as well as the Association for Talent Development.

Jones believes the key to success is being passionate about certain things in life, including family, spiritual beliefs, career and relationships. He is active in his community and because of his commitment to improving the lives of others, Jones has been presented the Distinguished Service Award by the Charlotte Jaycees.

When not working with some amazing individuals and organizations seeking better results, Jones resides in North Carolina with his wonderful wife Lisa and their two perfect daughters.

Testimonials 6

  • “Jones was excellent! I was thoroughly impressed. His presentation was excellent, as I expected, but what set him apart was that he’d taken time to learn a little about what the audience does and he expertly wove that into the presentation and kept bringing it back to what they did. It really made the audience engage with him. I was very impressed. Overall feedback from attendees on site has been very positive. So thank you! He’s a great speaker and I hope to invite him back in the future.”

    Rebecca Hendren

    Event Planner, Simplify Compliance

  • “Jones was indeed well received. And I even commented to someone that when I first met him, you would have thought we’d known each other for a long time! It was great and he made you feel very at ease! He was great at keeping the audience engaged and they came away from his seminar commenting on, “sure gave me a lot to think about” and “maybe I need to change a few things like Jones said and my life won’t be so hectic”!”

    Jackie Brown

    Meetings Coordinator, BPAA

  • “Jones Loflin understands us. From our ever-expanding schedules and inability to say “no” to any person or project, to the rewarding experience of serving our communities, Jones just gets it. He tailors his seminars on work/life balance so intuitively for the audience that each attendee walks away feeling as if they’d had a personal coaching session, even in a group of 300. His infectious positivity and high-energy presentation make him a natural choice for your event.”

    Wendy Wilson Wilber

    Faculty Member, University of Florida IFAS Extension

  • “I hope you’ve gotten some rest from your whirlwind visit with us. You were just fantastic, my friend! I love your energy level. Your running with you’re your daughter must really be working because you never lost your breath in your presentation even after running up and down the steps in the auditorium! You created a lot of excitement at both presentations and I’ve heard many, many positive comments from my co-workers. I just wish we had your opening from the WHQ event where you talked about being a package – that was fabulous!”

    Peggy Hall

    Global Leadership Institute, Federal Express

  • “Thanks for coming out to Tractor Supply to facilitate Juggling Elephants yesterday. Several participants engaged with me after the program was complete to share how much they enjoyed the presentation. One person even mentioned that you were the “best presenter they had seen in their life” in their long career of working! Even more impressive, several managers provided comments during their graduation speeches to the executive team on how Juggling Elephants has helped them realize the importance of having balance in their life. I look forward to working with you again!”

    Albert Dennis

    Tractor Supply Corporation

  • “You did an absolutely terrific job on your presentation. We heard so many great comments and there was such great turnout – your session was definitely a hit with our members! We appreciate how easy you were to work with, as well as how you just went with the flow of the event. That is always so helpful from the planning side. I heard that there were many, many books sold, so that alone is a great testament to your session and info. The content was perfect and so helpful. Wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend you to any of my planner friends and colleagues. You were a delight to work with!!”

    Cathy Berg

    Director of Meetings Association of Collection Agencies (ACA) International

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