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Larry Bailin

Humorous Top Rated Speaker and Digital Marketing Pioneer, Salesman Extraordinaire

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    New Jersey, USA

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Larry Bailin’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 

Over 4,000,000+ words have been spoken, 250+ keynote speeches, 150,000+ audience members and 2 decades of being on the stage. We’re not sure how many miles have been racked-up pacing back and forth on stage, but we know it’s a lot! 

Why Larry Bailin

  • He’s top-rated by audiences all over the world and is a true audience favorite. 
  • He gets hired by the same companies year-after-year (what does that tell you?) 
  • An experienced speaker with real-world business insight – no fluff, just meaningful and motivational insights that audiences love.
  • He’ll make your audiences better for having seen him (he won’t be happy unless he does). 
  • He’s the complete package for your audience. A best-selling author with a wide breadth of practical knowledge in a confusing and fast-paced world of businesses. He’s funny, engaging, approachable, down to earth and insightful – not to mention easy to work with. Event planners love Larry.

Do you want an audience of raving fans? Then you want Larry Bailin on stage in front of your audience. Larry is a true audience favorite. His fast-paced, “Jersey Boy” attitude keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Entertaining, insightful, motivating and funny as hell! Larry is a speaker your audience won’t soon forget. 

A sought-after motivational business speaker, Larry is widely considered a pioneer in the digital marketing space, and as a self-proclaimed “lifetime student of sales”, he’s famous for his ability to seamlessly blend sales and marketing into an insightful and concise process of masterful persuasion. 

“I don’t care what your job description says, if you’re in this room, you’re a professional persuader.” @LarryBailin 

Larry strives for relevance and connection as a keynote. He has an impressive ability to modify his presentations on the fly, making them extremely relevant to the audience. Larry speaks before numerous organizations and conferences throughout the world and across many industries. Larry Bailin’s expertise encompasses sales, digital marketing, traditional marketing, and consumer behavior and just the right amount of futurist to make him one of the most well-rounded and relevant speakers on the circuit today. 

He’s a best-selling marketing author and an award-winning entrepreneur. Larry Bailin is also a go-to expert for the media and has written for and been featured in articles for Yahoo!, The Street, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Small Business, CEO Magazine,, USA Today and many others. He’s been dubbed by the press as, “The Master of Marketing” and called, “One of the Top Minds in the Business” by the Yahoo! search marketing team. 

One last thing about Larry Bailin

Larry is one of the most thoughtful and approachable speakers in the business. He works tirelessly and goes to great lengths to create a presentation that is wildly relevant to the audience. No two Larry Bailin presentations are alike. From the second he steps on stage, it’s all about creating value for the audience. The minute he steps off the stage, he makes sure that he speaks to every single person that has questions or wants to meet him. It’s taken upwards of 45 minutes for him to exit a room because the response is so huge. – We’ve all made questionable choices in life, choosing Larry Bailin is a choice you’ll never regret.

Testimonials 6

  • “Larry Bailin is among the most insightful, dynamic and talked-about thought leaders that we’ve brought in to present at our show. He’s hosted keynotes, breakouts and training summits during the last five years, and he’s always delivered 110 percent. Few people have a finger on the pulse of business, marketing, and technology trends like him, and even fewer can communicate how to make the most of those trends to audiences ranging from small businesses to global brands. Larry also customizes his presentations and consistently receives rave reviews from our members. And he’s really funny.”

    Zach Phillips

    Director of Professional Development, NAMM

  • “Larry spoke to over 1000 people at the conference and was VERY funny, engaging, just an overall great speaker, the best at the conference and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Great topic and breadth of knowledge like no other; he knows his stuff. I also read his book on the plane ride back to AZ and loved it.”

    Sam Taylor

    YMCA Global Assembly

  • “The ideas were real eye-openers. Larry’s straight to the point, pull no punches style really helped me see new and unique ways to energize my marketing and sales strategies. His presentation spoke specifically to the needs in my industry and he’s super funny!”

    Erin Joyce

    United Brotherhood of Carpenters

  • “Larry is a brilliant speaker and marketer. Funny, motivating, relatable and knowledgeable. We hired Larry as our Keynote and he was the highlight of our event. Before he left the stage we had already decided to have him speak at our next event.”

    Stanley Matysiak

    Chief Executive Officer, GE Home Technologies

  • “Larry brings humor and very interesting stories (our group loved the Paris Hilton scenario!) to your attention to make you really think about how your business is affected by social media and the internet today. How do we want to be seen? How can we make that happen? This and more Larry addresses with humor and insight. Captivated a room of almost 2,000. Great preparation for our insurance group too!”

    Maureen Boeing

    Communications Chair, ASCnet

  • “Larry rocked. Larry Bailin gives Gary Vaynerchuk a run for his money as most dynamic speaker on the circuit right now! A really innovative marketer, and he’s funny as hell!”

    Zander Chance

    Super Affiliate,

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