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 Speaker Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos

Survivor, Entrepreneur & Storyteller

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    $7,500 - $10,000 i
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    English, Malay
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Guts. Growth. Glory.

Liza wasn’t always the confident entrepreneur she is today. She was once a victim. As a small child, Liza became homeless having run away to escape sexual abuse. As a young adult, she endured violence and disfigurement. But, not one to be cowed down by adversities, she had the guts to take challenges on the chin, the strength to grow and bounce back stronger, and the passion for achieving her goals. Today, Liza is a successful businesswoman and a motivational speaker who helps others overcome challenges.

Why Liza Pavlakos?

Liza’s mission is to show her audiences that we have the ability to overcome any challenge and that everyone can be fearless to reach their highest purpose and potential. Your life is defined by the space between what happens to you and your reaction to it. LIZA INSPIRES CHANGE.

Liza is also a committed philanthropist and human rights supporter and has established the non-profit Liza Pavlakos Foundation, A Registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Non for Profits Commission (ACNC) for supporting the worthy cause to empower the disempowered through setting up on online school. The Liza Pavlakos Leadership School hopes to educate the disadvantaged with accredited foundation courses for free.

Commendable achievements

At 23, she pulled off the epic task of planning and staging a new international beauty pageant – the Miss India International Pageant that generated around $100,000 in ticket sales in its very first year.

After that initial success, she took the plunge as a young, self-taught business entrepreneur and successfully transformed a struggling restaurant and bar, Minibar Piccolo, into one of the most popular small cafés in Melbourne.

Similarly, she transformed Finest Alterations, a floundering clothing alteration and tailoring enterprise into a profitable five-outlet franchise with A-list celebrity clientele and tailor for International events such as The Australian Open, Grand Prix and more.

In 2015, she launched her career as a motivational speaker, speaking at prestigious events such as the 10th Annual HR Congress (Asia), Miss Earth Coronation Night, The Win Summit (New York) among others.

In October 2017, on her way to present a keynote presentation in Africa, Liza and her team which included her cameraman and assistant were human trafficked in the Middle East. Luckily, they were saved by military intelligence and lived to tell the tale of narrowly escaping death once again. Liza is a human rights supporter who believes in the empowerment of the girl child and victims of human trafficking.

Today, Liza is engaging and inspiring thousands at international events, and guiding corporate teams to tap their leadership potential and achieve business goals.  Featured on CNN, Channels TV, Hello Nigeria and Qatar Airways as an inspirational speaker from Australia, and human rights supporter encouraging women to become successful entrepreneurs.

Liza believes that our life is defined by the space between what happens to us and our reaction to it. She empowers her audience to become fearless and reach their highest goals by cultivating a resilient mindset.

Testimonials 6

  • Liza was mesmerising with her Keynote Talk. Her training to our staff on the learning session was flawless. It was such an honour to have Ms Liza Pavlakos at our 10th Annual HR Congress in Philippines. It takes a strong person to overcome the adversities she has faced and then to move the audience to the point that every single audience member gave her a standing ovation was something magical to watch.

    JM Matienzo

    Ariva Academy CEO

  • Her celestial-powerful command of language, her in-depth charisma as motivational speaker cuts through our hearts and left remarkable imprints of optimism, to stay for more than a lifetime. It’s her honesty which authenticated her integrity as a very effective speaker. Candidly, she can make almost everyone, cry.

    Her unfathomable courage and resilience in life’s extreme adversities; her overflowing empowerment on how to be a transformational leader, purpose-driven, focused, being strongly passionate in making things happen -made her, the “epitome of a strongly resilient woman ” – touching lives of millions, globally.

    Her every word is a blessing and enlightenment to every weary heart. Ms. Liza is such an awesome woman with an iron cloak of resilience but with the softest heart like an angel. She is heaven-sent messenger to motivate and inspire just anybody, regardless of race, religion, age, beliefs and customs. She has the magnetism to leave every listener with wonderful imprints of optimism and dynamism; equally gifted with divine light and presence which simply inspire and motivate others, effortlessly.

    Bhabes Comia Espina

    Pioneer Medical Lab

  • Liza Pavlakos is a phenomenal speaker. Her talks are absolutely mesmerizing and empowering. I love her authenticity and she had me captivated from the beginning to the end of the talk. She made this year’s convention a great success. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail were greatly appreciated.


    Director, Front Edge

  • I heard Liza Pavlakos speak at a Women’s Entrepreneurship Seminar and her talk was inspiring. She had the entire room captivated and I must say that when I heard her speak, she made me realize that anything is possible. Liza is a fantastic speaker.


    CEO, Mums Baklava

  • Liza Pavlakos has an enviable command of communications principles, and her skills lead to a high level of success and satisfaction. Our survey responses from our executive team members showed a superior level of satisfaction. She has an amazing ability to connect with her audience and stay connected for the duration of the presentation.

    Olu Osunsanmi

    Director, On Point Physical Therapy

  • Liza is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is inspiring, thoughtful and so hearty. I met her for the first time on her visit to Nigeria in 2018 but l felt like l had known her all my life. She is not just a motivational speaker but motivation and inspiration personified, warm and down to earth. She is worth hearing.


    Media Strategist, SA&B Mega Resources Limited

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