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Elizabeth Smart

Child Abduction Prevention Advocate, Victim of Child Abduction

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The abduction of Elizabeth Smart was one of the most followed child abduction cases of our time. Elizabeth was abducted on June 5, 2002, and her captors controlled her by threatening to kill her and her family if she tried to escape. Fortunately, the police safely returned Elizabeth back to her family on March 12, 2003, after being held a prisoner for 9 grueling months.

Through this traumatic experience, Elizabeth has become an advocate for change related to child abduction, recovery programs, and National legislation. Elizabeth triumphantly testified before her captor and the world about the very private nightmare she suffered during her abduction, which led to conviction.

The Founder of the “Elizabeth Smart Foundation”, Elizabeth has also helped promote The National AMBER Alert, The Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act and other safety legislation to help prevent abductions.

Elizabeth has chronicled her experiences in the New York Times best-selling book, “My Story.” In addition, she and other abduction survivors worked with the Department of Justice to create a survivors guide, entitled, “You’re Not Alone: The Journey From Abduction to Empowerment.” This guide is meant to encourage children who have gone through similar experiences not to give up but to know that there is hope for a rewarding life.

Elizabeth has recently released a new powerful and inspiring book about what it takes to overcome trauma, find the strength to move on, and reclaim one’s life. “Where There’s Hope” is the result of Elizabeth’s mission: It is both an up-close-and-personal glimpse into her healing process and a heartfelt how-to guide for readers to make peace with the past and embrace the future.

Elizabeth’s abduction and recovery continue to motivate parents, law enforcement and leaders worldwide to focus on children’s safety. She emphasizes vigilance by “everyday” people and the belief that hope always exists to find every missing child.

Smart attended Brigham Young University, studying music as a harp performance major. She married her husband Matthew in 2012, and they now have two beautiful children. Elizabeth’s example is a daily demonstration that there really is life after tragedy.


Testimonials 5

  • SHE WAS AMAZING. The gushing from the attendees never ended, there was a standing ovation, and we were all moved to tears. We were incredibly lucky to have her there today to help reinforce the message of our agency.

    The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

  • Every single person that attended the luncheon said Elizabeth was AMAZING! Spell bound, captivating, precious, poised, adorable – are just a few adjectives that were passed along to me to describe Elizabeth.

    New School in the Heights, Houston, TX

  • Ms. Smart’s voice was an outstanding way to end the event. Her humor combined with her ability to reach the audience on an emotional level ensured that her message of hope reached all.

    Pamela, Penn State University

  • Elizabeth was amazing and had the audience mesmerized within the first minute of her presentation. Many women commented that they needed tissues before the event was over, but loved her and thought she was a wonderful, sweet and courageous young woman

    Siloam Springs Hospital

  • I cannot say enough amazing things about our experience having Elizabeth serve as our keynote speaker. From the beginning, working with her wonderful team made me feel secure that the night would go smoothly—and that could not have been more true. We are beyond grateful for Elizabeth’s beautiful words and the manner in which she relayed not only her story, but also that she brought to light the work done and impact made at our Children’s Advocacy Center to our attendees. No one could have more appropriately communicated the message we had hoped for. It has been months since the event, and we continue to receive compliments from those fortunate enough to be able to attend our dinner. Elizabeth Smart will bring poise, grace, and an exquisitely executed message to any organization’s function!

    Special Events Coordinator, Alliance for Children

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