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Michael Hugos’ Key Accomplishments Include . . .

Michael Hugos is an award-winning chief information officer, and author of several business books including the best selling book on supply chains worldwide. He is a Co-Founder at SCM Globe which provides cloud-based supply chain modeling and simulation applications for use in education, training and business.

Why Michael Hugos

  • The pace of technical change and its resulting impacts on business, society and the environment call for a dramatically new context to make sense of what is happening. Merely examining each new trend, and discussing the next gee-whiz technology that appears on the scene provides few answers to the pressing challenges we face – such as finding jobs for millions of people entering the workforce each year and switching to renewable sources of energy and sustainable methods of production. Get a clear big picture context to appreciate the power and the possibilities opening up as new waves of technology build upon the ones that came before
  • Everybody talks about being lean and agile, but nobody is certain about what it actually means. Get a clear understanding of what it means for companies and supply chains to be agile and responsive. See pragmatic examples for combining people, process and technology to achieve agility and deliver competitive advantage to your business.
  • Explore the power of interactive simulations, virtual worlds and real-time feedback as tools to help people and companies find their way and thrive in a world that is increasingly volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. It a world where technology is available to all, the ability to learn faster and make better decisions from moment to moment is the only sustainable path to success for companies and nations in this always-on world.

He spent six years as CIO of a national distribution organization where he developed a suite of supply chain and e-business systems that transformed the company’s operations and revenue model. For this work he twice won the CIO 100 Award for resourcefulness and boldness, the InformationWeek 500 Award for innovation and the Computerworld Premier 100 Award for career achievement.

Michael Hugos contributes to business and technology publications such as Forbes, Computerworld and CIO. He has authored eight books including the popular Essentials of Supply Chain Management, reported by Amazon as the best selling supply chain book worldwide since 2004. He has spoken at conferences and taught seminars in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

More About Speaker, Michael Hugos. . .

Michael Hugos combines techniques from lean business startups with agile software development and game theory to create elegant solutions to complex problems. His focus is in supply chains, business intelligence and agile enterprise architecture. He has mentored managers and development teams in companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks Coffee, Aramark Healthcare and U.S. Navy Medical Logistics Command as well as numerous smaller companies.

He earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Testimonials 3

  • “Michael Hugos delivers the next evolution of business strategy.He gives leaders a new model of business agility that balances the need for efficiency with the ability to adapt to marketplace and customer expectations.”

    John Babiarz

    Group President, Aramark Healthcare

  • “We brought Michael and his team in to help drive the delivery of a mission critical IT and business project that needed to be completed in less than 45 days. Through his 30-Day Blitz methodology and razor like focus we were able to pull it off. Michael’s experience and facilitation made the difference and brought clarity and creativity into the solution.”

    Robert Meshew

    General Manager Microsoft Stores & eCommerce Supply Chain

  • “I engaged Michael as an executive speaker and consultant for many years while I was at Computerworld / IDG and I highly recommend him in this role. From the convergence of business agility and IT to cloud computing, this is the guest speaker you want to have for analysis and discussion.”

    Ron Milton

    Vice President/General Manager, Global Services, The Attachmate Group

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