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Michael Margolis

Innovation Speaker, Storytelling Expert, Advisor to Silicon Valley

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    California, USA

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About Speaker Michael Margolis…

Michael Margolis is the CEO and founder of Storied, a strategic messaging firm specializing in the story of innovation and disruption. As a trusted advisor, Michael helps executives to demystify the complex and deliver on the promise of transformation. Michael operates anywhere there is a story worth telling, especially in Silicon Valley, Fortune 500s, and global change. Michael is a frequent keynote speaker at top conferences around the world. He’s trained tens of thousands on narrative intelligence and how to build storytelling as an organizational capability. Michael partners with c-suite executives, along with heads of product, design, marketing, community, and human resources. Since 2002, he’s advised clients across 34 industries and 15 countries —including Facebook, Google, Hulu, Greenpeace, and NASA. 

Why Michael Margolis?

When organizations are undergoing hypergrowth, it’s hard for team members to know what story they’re in anymore. Michael specializes in helping navigate high velocity change and demystifying the complex through storytelling. As a result, he’s advised heads of product, design, sales marketing at iconic tech organizations whose work is constantly challenging the status quo, including Facebook, Google, Uber, and Hulu. As a storytelling expert, he’ll share his breakthrough storytelling framework for communicating disruptive ideas. As a chocolate connoisseur, his keynotes often include sampling some of the world’s most rare, exotic, craft chocolate, as an unforgettable exercise in storytelling.

Michael is a two-time TEDx speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, and has more than 200,000 followers on Twitter. His work has been prominently featured in Fast Company, TIME, and Inc. magazines. Armed with a degree in cultural anthropology, Michael began his career as a social entrepreneur, funded by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations by the age of 22. And became a startup-failure by the age of 24. The son of an inventor and artist, Michael grew up in Switzerland and Los Angeles. As a passion project, Michael recently co-founded Choco Libre, a secret society devoted to rare and exotic craft chocolate. Michael is left-handed, color blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human. 

Testimonials 10

  • “Michael was one of the top-rated keynotes at our conference! He made a big impression with our audience and got rave reviews for his Masterclass and panel discussion. He has a provocative message that really resonated with the product managers, design thinkers, and digital innovators who attend our events.”

    Andre Marquet

    CEO, Productized Conference

  • “Michael brings a dynamic understanding of how story is an integral part of everything we do. At Zappos Insights, culture transformation is the name of the game, and his speeches, consulting and workshops have been fantastic. And I give away his book to people all the time. I highly recommend him.”

    Robert Richman

    Former head of Zappos Insights, author and keynote speaker

  • “There was an ‘aha’ moment for every attendee! Michael helped us improve the value propositions we use to speak to our client’s unique needs and desires. Our senior sales leaders gave the day top ratings and left with immediate skills they can use.”

    Janis Fratamico

    Global Head of Relationship Marketing, Bloomberg

  • “An amazing day! The programme was insightful, practical and pragmatic. Michael has a great way of focusing your attention on what is important to refine your story. This is an art, that he makes accessible to all. I got great insight into how story grounds us, connects us and gives us faith in the future. The man is genius.”        

    Anna Campbell

    Chief People Officer, The Warehouse Group

  • “A best-in-class story sherpa. Through coaching with Michael I’ve experienced immediate results as co-founder of a maverick venture in the music business. We quickly got the story of our value prop, and how to speak about it in an intriguing way.”

    Gary W. Goldstein

    Former Hollywood Film Producer, Pretty Woman

  • “Michael is a true visionary at the art of story construction. He approaches his work with great giving and compassion. I had the honor of inviting Michael to speak at TEDxMillRiver where he wowed the audience with his performance.”

    Jeremey Donovan

    SVP and Head of Sales Strategy, GLG

  • “Our senior team loved the session. Everyone got inspired and left with practical tools to put into practice. It’s rare a training sustains attention for an entire day. As a pioneer in corporate innovation space for 20+ years, Get Storied is teaching next-level leadership.”

    Steven Kowalski, Ph.D.

    Principal, Executive & Org Development, Genentech

  • “Michael has the ability to ignite a room. He quickly gives people of all backgrounds the tools to uncover their authentic story and connect it to the work they do in compelling ways. Watching one of his classes, you see students by the end sitting up straighter and prouder because he’s helped them unleash the power of their own, unique story.”

    Celena Aponte

    Director of Strategic Initiatives, NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Cente

  • “Michael gave a wonderful talk at Intelligent Content Conference on storytelling as a process and how companies can adopt a mentality to make a difference through content. Always enjoy working with him. Plus, he’s just a great decent human being!”

    Joe Pulizzi

    Founder, Content Marketing Institute

  • “Michael was an absolute hit at CMX Summit, getting the highest ratings amongst 40 speakers. Full of storytelling, specific advice and models our attendees could apply immediately. The kind of keynote conference organizers dream about. Thanks for helping us making CMX Summit memorable, Michael.”

    David Spinks

    CEO and Founder, CMX

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